Here are some tall bearded irises that do very well in my zone 6 Midwest Garden. 

Several rebloom, many of them I purchased online bareroot (they do very well) 
or through my local garden club's plant sale.

For those of you keeping track... as of Spring of 2011,
I have 60+ hybrid-named varieties of irises and about another 40 or so that are unmarked. 
My prime bloom season in mid to late May.
 I give garden tours and will post pictures of them in bloom.
 Email me if you are interested in visiting.

Enu Blues

 Cherub's Smile

Out of Control

Photo by Carlos Ayento

 Alta California


Full Tide


Up Tempo

Ballerina Girl

Silk Brocade

Rare Treat


Cherry Blossom Song

Lady Friend
 New in 2011
Ruffled Goddess
New in 2011

Navy Blues
New in 2011

Joyful Skies

Bachelor Party
New in 2011

 New in 2011

Huckleberry Fudge, purchased from Ross Road Irises
New in 2011
Cranberry Cordali

Raspberry Ribbons
New in 2011

Blueberry Bliss
New in 2011

Lenora Pearl
New in 2011

Chinese Treasure
New in 2011

Goodnight Moon
New in 2011

New in 2011

Buisson de Roses

Got Milk
New in 2011

Double Blue Byte
New in 2011

Bugsy - Dwarf
New in 2011

Variegata - White Striped Leaves
New in 2011

Gold Zebra Variagated Iris - Yellow Striped Leaves
New in 2011

The following iris have two blooming periods, Spring and again in the Fall.

Earl of Essex


Brazen Beauty 


Painted Cloud

 Alien Mist

Tennison Ridge

Hawaiian Dream



Autumn Tryst

Victoria Falls

City Lights

Beverly Sills

Rock Star

Cameo Blush

Next In Line

 Happy New Year

Banana Creme, purchased from Ross Road Irises
New in 2011

Rancho Rose, purchased from Ross Road Irises
New in 2011

Champagne Elegance
New in 2011
Pink Attraction
New in 2011

Good Fairy

Jennifer Rebecca
New in 2011

Orange Harvest
New in 2011

Mariposa Skies
New in 2011

Mother Earth
New in 2011

Recurring Fantasy
New in 2011

I have many other irises that are beautiful, but I do not know the names of.  

Unknown Pink

Unknown Very Fancy White

Unknown Yellows

Unknown Blue 

 Maybe those are the best ones!
Some pictured resources from the web, my own shots are not available until they bloom again.
Thanks for visiting....Brooke