Friday, August 19, 2016

New Light and Bright Cottage Style Wall Hutch

Hello and welcome back to Creative Country Mom's!
If you have seen me this week... I have probably had a paint brush in my hand.
I have been repairing walls and touching up trim all over the house.
No, still no news about moving.
I am hoping we hear something today and get a few things done over the weekend.
 Here is my little hutch before.
I actually loved this green for a long time.
I just thought moving forward I wanted to lighten it up a bit more.
 So here it is now, a soft cottage cream.

 I moved everything off of my kitchen window ledge and have it here now.
I love my all white pieces and they will definitely be part of my new kitchen decor.
 My sweet little galvanized - rusty - crusty - goodness....
 I have a large cabinet I will be putting everything in to display in the next house.
I love collections and have so much more....
It will be nice to have it all together.

It is still not 100% about us moving to Huntsville, AL.
I am tired and anxious and just ready to know for sure.
I hope you are not tired of hearing me go on about it.
But it is a very big deal to us.

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  1. Everything looks so fresh and revitalized. Hope you hear soon about your move. Thank you for sharing your changes around the house at Vintage Charm.

  2. I love the green, but the new color will show well when your home goes on the market. Hope you get news soon!

  3. Hi, Brooke. I haven't stopped by for a while. I'm reading so many interesting blogs nowadays that I sometimes can't get through them all!

    I really like the white on the little wall hutch. It gives it such a light and bright feeling. I have always loved using all shades of white in decorating so I feel really in style with the white trend these days. It's easy to step right in to it with my decor.

    I can't imagine what anxiety you much be going through waiting to know if and when you will be moving. If you do, does it mean you will be far from family? That would be a major adjustment for me. I hope you learn what's what very soon.

    Thanks for sharing your little (and bigger) projects, Brooke. I love seeing what you are doing!

  4. What a huge difference the cream paint made!
    I like the new vignette too.

  5. I do like the new paint update; but I thought the green was pretty too! I cannot imagine being in a state of limbo regarding moving; but please keep sharing with us any and all updates...even if there are none !

  6. Oh my that is a great cake pan! Love it! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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