Saturday, February 2, 2013

Welcome to Sunday Open House!

Welcome to the FIRST EVER "Sunday Open House and Garden!"

 Burr is it cold this weekend!
Thursday night some cold weather and snow moved in.
Schools and the library were closed on Friday making it a three day weekend.
We were happy to stay home snuggled in by the fire.

Today's post is images from our living room.
It is in the back corner of our home and faces the lake views from both windows.

Warning... my uploaded images are blurry and the shots were not.
I am not sure why they appear that way on blogger.
I will be trying to reload them if I find another host or fix the problem.

Here you can see our snowy view this morning.
This is a south facing window and I have plants here most of the time.
Miley loves looking out this window, it is the perfect height for her!

My sweet Miley and I are celebrating this week.
It was one year ago my hubby saw the add in the paper for free Boston terrier puppies.
I didn't hesitate, that was all the yes I needed from him.
I jumped in the car and rescued my girl.
She was filthy, absolutely in horrible conditions.
And of course, she is not a full Boston.
She has a bit of a mix in her, but I have loved her ever since.
She is the best little dog.  Here is her 'baby pictures'.
page 1 copy
So sweet, rescue pups make the best dogs. <3

Okay, back to the tour!
Our recliner is a fairly recent addition. 
 I love tufted chairs and vintage, 
but sometimes you have to go with what is practical for a family.  
Especially a family with dogs... leather it is.  
But I love the dark chocolate color and it is the best place 
to snuggle in and watch movies. 
This room has several live houseplants.
I have a bird/nature theme in here most of the year.
I keep the colors neutral.
The mirror doubles the light in this room and 
is another reflection of the view of the lakes.
I have lighter woods in this room.
The two big pieces were purchased separately, but they could have been a set.
We kind of lucked out there.
But they fit perfectly into the corners and keep the view open.
But I have it that I can't move furniture too much in this room.
This girl loves to mix it up you
This couch is from my parents, but I am amazed how tough it is.
Our great dane and the kids flop on it and you can just wash it off.
It has recliners on both ends and weighs a ton.
Most of the time the pillows are on the floor... but for now you can see them.
I have been sewing all winter, love to change the looks.
The middle candle is a light.  Love some soft warm glow in the cold months.
It is pretty shining up on the wreath at night.
I painted the candle sticks this fall, they were gold previously.
The large metal piece was the fireplace screen from our previous home.
I like how it adds height over the entertainment center.
The fireplace in the corner is electric, but it is a nice one and looks realistic.
It puts me to sleep when it is on... but I like my side of the house warmer then hubby does.
So it is perfect for me.  We have an fireplace with a gas log in the family room as well.
Here is Miley's other favorite lookout point.... her perch on the edge of the couch.
Here you can see my pillows with the cute French designs.
I will be looking for more fabric like this, I have been seeing it all over blogs.  :)
And last but not least, my new shade I got before Christmas.
I think it was $25, but I love how it updated this floor lamp.
It has a burlap-y feel and I am in-to anything with type right now...

It's the little things... ya know!

Okay that is my little house tour for this week....
Now it is time for yours!
I can't wait to see your beautiful spaces.

Please, give me a link back in your post or wall.
And I would love it if you would tell your readers about this new party.
Thanks so much and God Bless...

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  1. Hi Brooke I have been enjoying your blog :) I wanted to join your Sunday Open House and Garden Tour. I added a post from last year when my flowers were in latest post have been Christmas and this and that. I added your link and look forward to checking back!

  2. Looks so wonderfully inviting especially on a cold winter's day. Thanks for the little tour.

  3. Gorgeous view! I am also a Boston Terrier "mom"...I liked up my blog post about her antics in our home (does yours like to bundle up as much as mine does?!)

  4. very cool ... can i share my greenhouse ?

  5. Wonderful tour of your home, Brooke! Your pup is so so cute! So happy to be linked up with your first party...very exciting. Can't wait to see all the beautiful things.

  6. Hi Brooke! Congrats on your first linky party! I didn't have any new posts but I wanted to participate in your very first party, so I've linked up an older post about my garden adn flowers. Hope that's ok. I'm hoping to get some home pics taken soon as I've never really posted any. Then I can link them up to future weeks! Love the view from your windows and your little Miley is adorable! I really like Boston Terriers too, even if she isn't pure bred - I'm not a doggie snob! LOL! Have a great week! Hugs, Leena

  7. OH how pretty and so warm and inviting. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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