Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the last day of February....

Burr.... that is the word of the day....  Burr....
I just came in from my walk around the garden.  I don't care how cold it is, my morning is not complete till I walk outside.  I am convinced I might miss something.  Some small wonder, some tiny bloom, some new growth just popping through the ground.
Today I was not disappointed.  Oh no, it was not a beautiful sunny Spring morning.  
No, it was spitting snow, bitter cold and blowing Northern winds in my face.  
And it was gray... for days all it has been is gray....  And wet.... and cold.   Did I say I am tired of cold?
But still, my garden called to me.... "Come Outside.... I Miss You."

I guess like an old friend we needed to catch up.  She has much to tell me.  Yes, my garden is a she... lol.

So I bundled up in my corduroy jacket and my pink capri sleep pants... and garden clogs... yes, I am making a fashion statement at 9 am this morning.... and trotted outside.

Of course my little Miley (my little dog) was on my tail, she has to come too.
(Jakie... aka Jacob... named after a werewolf.... and has the same tough guy attitude) 

First off the cats rush to us declaring they are starving... 
which is never true.  
But they miss us being on the porch with them.  
They are very vocal in their disappointment that I 
did not sit on the porch swing and give them there fair share of love. 
I will let them inside in a bit for some much needed attention.  
Poor kitties.  

(Tiny Mini-Daffodils just popping through the mulch) 

But I am on a mission.

First thing I notice is how hidden the majority of my bulbs are.  Should I go and get my trowel and move them since to soil is moist.  Will they still bloom?  Probably.  But it is really cold to dig in the dirt today.  I will put this on my list.  

See when I planted them about four years ago they were on the edge of my walkway... but of course I have moved the beds out more and now they are in the middle of the beds.  And the shrubs are bigger...  And now you have to look for the little bulbs in the mess of plant material.   But I know were to look... sort of.

When they get bigger you can see the blooms.  I hope...  Yes, I think you will be able too....  But still.... I think it would be nice to move them.

Or divide them.  If I do it now while they are still small....  and then for the next 5 years or so they will be just where I want them.

(Giant King Henry Daffodils coming up this week)

Okay, I have talked myself into it.  

But it is so nice here in the house.

And the fireplace is so pretty.

And I have shows I want to watch on my DVR.

And Miley (the dog) wants me to sit with her.

With the blankie.

No, no.... I am going to do it.... I am going to get bundled up and work in the garden.

In 30 degree weather.

When it is spitting snow....

And blowing cold bitter wind in my face....

And my husband, dog and mail lady will think I am crazy....

But you won't... you'll  understand.... 

Because if I move them now.... they will be just perfect....

And then I will show you my perfectly placed spring bulbs along the walkway....

You understand me.... see that is why were friends.

Then I can make some hot chocolate and look at garden books... 

Then order some summer bulbs that I can plant in the wrong spots then move in five years.

Yes, yes... that is what I am going to do.


Much love and Happy Gardening....

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  1. Our cats always act as if they are on the verge of starvation too...silly beasts! I've been pulling all the falled Oak leaves out of the beds these past few weeks, as the bulbs are all starting to poke up out of the soil...spring is here!

  2. After a spring like January and a rainy February, it has turned COLD. I would love to be out gardening, but it is still very wet and now too cold for me.Daffodils are blooming away tho.

  3. I think those of us who garden can feel your pain. Stupid weather can dampen any enthusiasm that might surface. I can't wait for the weather to turn so I can get out and work my beds. Our problem is not the cold so much as the rain, I am afraid that if I tried to work the soil I would end up with mud pies.

    By the way, I love your background on your blog, where did you go to find it?

  4. Girl I hear you I have to walk around mine too to see if anything is changing. Those little bits of green coming up and buds just get me excited to get out in the garden and work. LOL! Have a lovely weekend.


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