Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello---I'm Back!

Hello dear readers and new friends!
I have been offline most of the last 10 days or so.  Have you missed me?
I had a few posts scheduled, but have been MIA for the most part.
Hubby was off work for most of that time.  It was nice having him home,
but he's got to go back so I can get some things done!
(Besides cooking that is!)

Here is the front walk from last weekend.
We are still so horrible dry, still no rain to report.  And temps this week have been near 100.
So I have watering down to a science.
This has been a good year for my phlox, it has been such a bright pop of color.
That has been my impression of this summer, everything looks dull and dirty.  All the plants seem faded, too much sun, not any rain.  Everything just needs a good wash down.
 So what have I been up to?
 Lots of time in the lake.  I have swam almost every day the last two weeks.  The water feels fantastic.
 Lots of time with the girls, we have been working on their bedrooms. 
 And I have painted their bathroom, I will post pics when it is done.
 Back to school shopping, I can't believe school starts in 10 days.
 And watering, did I mention I have been dragging the hose non-stop.  We'll almost, we have decided to just water the beds around the house and then every 10 days or so water the outer beds.  They look horrible, but I do not think they will die.  The lake is down 4 feet and we are a little concerned about our well.  So now I am just in "keeping it alive" mode vs. "display garden".
 But it has surprised me how some areas look good considering this drought.
 The thing I notice the most is how plants are stunted and I have not had any new growth in shrubs and trees.
I know we will have to wait to see what has really been affected.  It might be a year or two before I see all the damage in my plants.  Right now we have lost 4 maples, 5 evergreens, 3 viburnums, a chokeberry and two roses.  Most of those were out by the road or in areas that were not watered as often.  Many were first year plants.  I now have 35 containers under the deck or in the shade, trying to dig plants and doctor them.  Hopefully I will replant them in the fall, but they could be in waiting till next spring.

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Happy Gardening....
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Creative Country Mom's Follow Friday #1

I have decided to do a new series of posts in my site called Follow Fridays.  It is my pleasure to show you some of the posts I have read this week that I have enjoyed and the blogs that inspire me.  Please visit the sites and let them know how much you enjoy their work and talent!  

# 1 -  What's Old is New  I love this site for it's trash to treasure approach to decorating.  Garden and home ideas a plenty.  Simple country charm can't be beat in my book!

2. Gypsy Farm Girl - Be still my heart.  This girl has my attention at the title of her blog, but she goes on to inspire me with every new post.  She and I share a metal addiction, I bet you will too after visiting her lovely blog!

diy potting bench centsational girl

3. Centsational Girl  -  A do-it yourself blogger with ooodles of ideas!  This is her recent project, a thrifty pottinbg bench, way cute!

4.  Grace Gardens by June Stocking.  Wow, oh wow, oh WOW.  I love June's style inside and out.  You will too!

Look for more fantastic blogs to be featured in weeks to come.
Thanks so much for visiting and Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still time to win a $50 Gift Card!

Hello dear readers and new friends!
A few new pics to share with you today.
It's over 100 degrees and the sun is pretty, but it is way too hot to enjoy it.
So I am painting the girls bathroom and doing a few inside projects today.

(All photos taken this week of my garden.)

Remember you have two more days to enter to win a $50 gift card to Lowes!

Thanks so much to the good people at Lowes Creative Ideas for letting gardens like me get their hands dirty and their creative mojo working overtime. I am so excited to share with you my upcoming projects.
Being a part of the Creators and Influencers Garden Team been a dream come true. Its so much fun to create something so special and then sharing it with you my dear friends and readers. Please if you are not a follower consider becoming one so you can see more of my upcoming projects.
Take the time to visit Lowe’s and see what's blooming, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!
Don't forget to check out the Lowes Creative Ideas Blog and Facebook Page. They now even have an account on Pinterest!

Good Luck and Happy Gardening!!
 ~ Brooke ~

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fresh Blooms in the Rose Garden

 Hello dear readers and new friends!
I have been busy with family this past week and having a but of connection problems with my internet.  But wanted to share with you an few, okay more than a few pictures of the rose garden this week.  Everything is putting on a new flush of blooms and happening all at once.  So look for more closeups to come.  But for now here is a look around.  Notice the difference between my garden beds and the grass-less desert that previously was our yard.  So sad.

Update- Still horrible dry, no rain to report.  We have lost several more trees this week and I have been digging struggling shrubs up if they are new to the garden.   Been repotting them in fresh soil in my 'plant hospital' under the deck.  High today at 99, 103 for tomorrow.  No end in sight.  

Queen Elizabeth Rose

Nearly Wild Rose

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Praying for rain....

Welcome Dear Readers and New Friends.
Today it has been a week since out little shower of an inch of rain.  
The grass breathed a brief sigh of relief then the heat came on full force this week to back over 100. 
That has been our only rain since the first days of May and everything is burning up.  This week has been in the 90s which is better.  But those two weeks of extreme highs of 105 just did us in.
The crops here are so bad many are turning them over, not using  the fuel to harvest.  What is producing looks pitiful and yields will be poor.
We have watched the weather and seen showers come so close we could smell the rain but nothing fell here.  
And unfortunately we have lost trees and evergreens and I fear more will die in the coming weeks.
So today I am thankful for what blooms I have in the garden.  These pictures were taken minutes ago.  I have used a filter to blur them a bit.  We've got a bit is sunburn here and there, but still the show continues.   But I have slowed down in my watering to just close to the house.  The beds by the road are toast.  I am only watering the roses and front walk.  We have a well and it has been fine, but we just cannot risk loosing the water to our home.  I know I am not alone in this and many are in the same situation.  Just know my heart goes out to all the farmers and those who are loosing work because of this weather.  

I think I will never complain about it raining again, ever.  As always, think about the animals and livestock, check on your neighbors and such.  I had been wanting to get some guineas this week, but have decided to wait till next spring.  I can't justify keeping them even in the shade in this heat.  I love the idea of them roaming the property and eating the ticks.  But that will have to wait till next year.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments.