Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Lowe's Challenge - "Address The Mess!"

Welcome dear friends and new readers!

It is time for another wonderful challenge from our friends at Lowe's Creative Ideas!

This month was a tricky one for me.... "Address The Mess!"

Oh, surely there would not be anything out of place around here....  Lol... You haven't seen my basement yet... for good reason.  You see I am one of those people that you dare not open a closet door.... Everything looks clean and neat.... but my closets are a MESS!  Same goes with the basement... all 1500 square feet of it...  Oh my....  So, I can't believe I am showing you this.... But here goes....

 This is the scene of the crime.  Basically a 6 ft long junk drawer.  A catch all....  dusty.... dirty....  MESS!  And I can't blame this one on the kids.  It is my mess.  Crafter, gardener, yard-saler, I got lots and lots of STUFF!  Okay, most of this is junk.  Let's move on....

We inherited this cabinet when my MIL retired a few years ago.  It had been the cashier counter at her flower shop.  It is super sturdy, weighs a ton, and I knew it would make the perfect craft table -slash- garden workshop.

 Plus it has a great view of the lake and rose garden.  What better place to be inspired.  It is just inside the french doors, so I can come straight in from the garden.  And will make the perfect place to keep my garden goodies....

What kind of things would I do in this new work area?  We'll I collect and save hundreds of seeds every fall, that we will talk about in my follow up post.  I have sold seed the last two years and I needed a better way to organize it all
Plus I keep almost every garden catalog and magazine known to mankind.  Only so many will fit in the bathrooms, beside the couch, in the kitchen and what knot.  Maybe I can keep them in one place.... (Shocking!).

 I also sew, make jewelry and work with silk flower arrangements.  Wow, when you type it out like that it looks like a bunch.  I tend to do things in seasons.... gardening season is about 9 months long.... and then I craft like crazy making Christmas presents....  The hopefully I can make a few things for the house before I am out in the garden again in early Spring.

So yeah, I need to organize.  A bunch.

The thing is I love all the "Organizing Stuff", I love that isle in Lowe's with all the containers, bins, bucket and tubs.  Oh yeah, I want it all.  A few years ago I went plum crazy after Christmas buying large tubs for all my Holiday stuff.  Now a whole wall is multi-colored tubs, sorry... you don't get to see that.  But I love them and now think everything should have it's own tub.

But I didn't have many of the small ones.  Oh, and I love the ones with drawers.... Definitely need one of those.  And it would be nice if they were clear so I could see what was in them....  Oh they had every size and shape.... But here is what I ended up with!

Aren't they beautiful!  A caddy, a three drawer bin, two washtubs, three mid-sized totes and two larger ones with cute pink lids!  Oh my!  I gave everything a good scrub and now I can't wait to put everything in them.  Wow, did I just type that?  But really, I love all this 'found' storage!

But I am a decorator at heart, and with that window we had to make it cute.  So I loved the idea of having a skirt to hide my mess... I mean my organized crafts and gardening supplies.

So I did this part my favorite style--- REPURPOSED = FREE!  I had the fabric on hand.... I drilled the hooks in and bent them a bit to make them larger for my handy-dandy old shower curtain rod!  Yep, I had it for years and it was the only thing long enough.  Works perfectly!  Love that!!

 And of course matching toppers are a must, the top one was the inspiration.  It was a yard sale find.  Love that sign!  So true!!

So the rest of it I had, yep... didn't steal a thing from anywhere.... Just had them in the basement collecting dust.  The light was part of a little table lamp I took apart.  I am going to cover it in chicken wire I think, it needs something else.  The shutters I had and I love the red color.

I also love that it gives me a place for my mason jars.  I will keep buttons, seeds.... who knows what in them.

I know my pictures are grainy tonight.  But here you can see some of my tools of the trade.  All within easy reach.  What will life be like in this new organized world?  I'll let you know... just as soon as I tackle the rest of our BASEMENT!

Okay, I will be talking SEEDS and SEED KEEPING in my next post!
Can't wait to share it with you....

Thanks so much to the good people at Lowes Creative Ideas for letting gardens like me get their hands dirty and their creative ideas working overtime. I am so excited to share with you my upcoming projects.

Being a part of the Creators and Influencers Garden Team been a dream come true. Its so much fun to create something so special and then sharing it with you my dear friends and readers. Please if you are not a follower consider becoming one so you can see more of my upcoming projects.
Take the time to visit Lowe’s and see what's blooming, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!
Don't forget to check out the Lowes Creative Ideas Blog and Facebook Page. They now even have an account on Pinterest!

Happy Gardening ~ Brooke

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  1. yes it looks very organized now, and very pleasing too.

  2. What a pretty space to work in!!! Great job :)

  3. Gorgeous blog header - and lurvs the organization.

    Popped in from S&S Fridays.

  4. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Have a wonderful week!



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