Monday, June 25, 2012

Favorite Flowers - Indian Giver Daylily

Is this not one of the most fantastic daylilies you've ever seen?  
Okay it is not one of those that costs hundreds of dollars, but it is pretty darn fabulous to me!
It is called Indian Giver and I am in love with its form and colors.  Especially its white edges and frills! 

It is a rebloomer---- Hybridized by Ferguson; Year of Introduction: 1991
18-24 inches tall, zones 4-10, semi evergreen.
Winner of several daylily awards when introduced.

This daylily is easily found on the web for sale.

It is a keeper in my book.  This is one of my many new ones I got last year when a local grower/hybridizer retired and sold all of his stock.  I will try to share more of my new favorites as they bloom.

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  1. Beautiful lilies! Mine look dried up and scream help me..... I think we have too much mulch around them and it's drying them out too much.
    I wish you would come work in my yard. lol

  2. So beautiful and I feel the same about Indian Giver as you do. Most of all a big "Thank You". I actually could not think of the name of this daylily for two days and my tag was faded. In a panic I wondered how would I remember. I didn't know where to start. Then low and behold, there is was, on your blog. You saved me. This older age stuff and forgetting things is not going to be fun at all. LOL Nina Waters


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