Friday, April 6, 2012

Toby’s Help with Spring Garden Chores….


Welcome to our Spring Garden here in Southern Indiana.


Today's tour is by Toby the garden cat.


He’s going to take you to our area under the deck.  Notice that mom is growing more roses in big tubs this year…. as if we needed more roses!


This area has a great view of the backyard and the lake.


And a perfect place to take a cat nap.  Or so Toby thinks.


Mom’s been working down here keeping every thing watered.  The old tool box is where she keeps her small garden tools.  The planters are from last summer she just brought out of the basement.  She is very pleased they are still alive!


See all the new kinds of seeds she is growing under the garden bench!  Lets hope she remembers to keep them watered!  *fingers crossed*

Come by any time, the cats will be more than happy to show you around!

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All photos of my own home and garden ©Brooke Kroeger – Creative Country Mom

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