Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Create A Bed Frame Trellis!


So earlier today I stumbled upon a photo on the web of a rusted out bed frame used as a trellis.  It gave me those creative goose bumps… that usually is not a good thing.


I knew I had two old twin bedframes in the basement.  And time to kill for it was too hot to be outside in the garden.


I had been looking for a solution to go vertical in this area.  But normal trellises seemed to small.  And I didn’t want to spend a ton of $$$$.


I had several ideas, but most required a masonry tool bit and an argument with my husband….


So downstairs I went with scissors in hand.  “I’ll just take a peek at whats inside.”


An hour later, and a huge mess of filth and dust…. I knew.  It was really in good shape and well built.  My frame was from the 50s and came with an antique set I found years ago.  They made things to last then.


I really like how the coils are and the twine wrapped around them.  I sprayed it with the hose to remove the rest of the “fuzz”.  It really was a mess!


But it goes with my “Shabby, Flea Market, Country, Cottage Look.”


As I said before, I cant bring anything new into this area…. it will stick out like a sore thumb!


In the next few days I be transplanting some clematis that needs more room to climb, now I have just the place for it!  I can just imagine how pretty it will look covered in blooms!!

So here is the breakdown:
Cost --- Free! 
Time --- about 2 hours.
Possiblities--- Endless!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creating A Wildflower Garden







Welcome to my new gardening friends.  I am so glad you have joined us.
It is Wildflower Wednesday, and I am happy to share with you a bit about my wildflower garden and how it came to be.

I love attracting the birds and butterflies to this area.  It is my catch all garden.  If I am unsure of how a plant will do, or how aggressive it will spread, this is a great place to plant it.  It is survival of the fittest!  I do not water this bed, it has to be tough and make it on its own.  But with some good plant choices, it does just fine!


Click to Play.... Notes From A Country Garden, July 2011
"Creating A Wildflower Garden"

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Gardening… Brooke
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Flea Market Garden…









Flea Market Gardens is a current catch phrase I’ve been hearing a lot.
Around here we call it yard sales.
I guess I was cool and hip and didn’t know it.
My garden has looked like this for years.
See folks… I told you country was cool!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Test Roses Revealed!

I have been lucky enough to grow some new Jackson and Perkins roses in my garden this year!  They will be released in Spring 2012, but can be preordered this fall.  Here are the descriptions from their site, plus photos of the roses from my own garden.
I can’t tell you how excited I am about this post! 
“Raspberry Swirl”
 Raspberry Swirl

New Raspberry Swirl Hybrid Tea Rose
New foliage emerges burgundy, slowly turning to green!
Raspberry and cream stripes swirl their way artistically across the surface of each petal on this new Hybrid Tea rose, almost as though they were a hand painted work of art! Exclusive.

The Details:
Genus: Rosa Raspberry Swirl
Sun: Full Sun
Size: Height: 3 ft - 4 ft
Zones: 5-10
Color: Cream,Pink
Blooms: 4"-5"
Buds: Ovoid,Pointed
Petals: 35
Foliage: Burgundy,Medium Green
Fragrance: Light
The Following Are My Own Photos ---





“Caribbean Breeze”

Carribean Breeze

The intoxicating fragrance brings to mind an old English rose!
Reminiscent of an ocean coral, the soft tropical colors of this gorgeous new Floribunda are as enchanting as its rich peachy fragrance. Each creamy-orange bud opens to a full bloom of peach-pink petals, which weave around each other, vying for the sun's gentle touch. Exclusive.
The Details:
Genus: Rosa Caribbean Breeze
Sun: Full Sun
Size: Height: 2 ft 6 in - 3 ft
Zones: 5-10
Color: Orange,Pink
Blooms: 2.5"-3"
Buds: Ovoid
Petals: 30
Foliage: Dark Green,Glossy
Fragrance: Fruity,Strong
The Following Are My Own Photos ---



“Tropical Sun”

Tropical Sunshine

As though lit from within by rays from a tropical sun, this lovely new rose radiates golden color from the center of each bloom, spreading outward onto the delicate apricot-mango petals. Exclusive.
The Details:
Genus: Rosa Tropical Sun
Sun: Full Sun
Size: Height: 3 ft - 3 ft 6 in
Zones: 5-10
Color: Apricot,Yellow
Blooms: 2.5"-3"
Buds: Ovoid
Petals: 20
Foliage: Dark Green,Glossy
Fragrance: Light
The Following Are My Own Photos ---


I had much better pictures of this rose, but dang it, I cannot find them.  I now have a mission!



Nashville Symphony Crescendo Rose Ceremony

Pictured (L to R): Barbara Mandrell, Pam Tillis and Brenda Lee join Debbie and Keith Zary of Jackson & Perkins, one of the country's oldest and largest rose producers. The Crescendo rose is a fragrant cream and pink blend hybrid tea rose bred from two award-winning parents, "Gemini" and "New Zealand." This high-centered, exhibition quality hybrid with large dark green glossy foliage and excellent garden performance was developed by noted hybridizer Keith Zary. (Photo Credit: Katherine Bomboy)
This rose is in the new catalog, but not available online as of this post.
The Following Are My Own Photos ---





I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek!  I certainly have enjoyed growing them this year.  It is nice to have names for all of them now!
Happy Gardening….Brooke