Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Lollypop Lilies!








Lollypop….lollypop… oh lolly… lollypop!  I feel like singing the song… because these lilies are just that wonderful blooming just outside my dining room window.  Just wanted to share some pretty blooms with you today!

Happy Gardening….Brooke

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rosy Monday–May 30, 2011

Welcome to Rosy Monday!  I hope you can join me for some lovely blooms.  If you have roses to share…. don’t forget to add your link to the bottom of the page! 
Our first rose today is one of the test roses I have from Jackson and Perkins.
I am thrilled with it’s blend of pink and white.  It is a show stopper and has a medium scent.  The only thing I have noticed is it’s blooms are a bit top heavy and break in the wind.  But we have had some bad storms this week.
It is the second rose on the right here.  As you can see I have many roses blooming.
I am so glad I decided to mix all the colors.  I seem to have something for everyone this way. 
Here is an Oso Easy Strawberry.  It’s been here two years and is doing much better this year.
My favorite “Landscape” rose right now is Paprika Flower Carpet.  I have two on each side as you enter the rose beds and they are just lovely.  I moved these from last summer, I think they were in too much shade from another rose. They look fantastic this spring.
This is a rescue rose, but it looks so much like my Mr. Lincoln that I am going to move it to that area next spring.  It is a lovely red along the fence.  When I planted these roses I had no idea the colors.  Now I am wanting to edit this area a bit.  But I will wait till next March and move them when they are dormant.  It is near 90 today and it’s best to let them be.
Here is the rt side of the first bed…
And the other side.  This area is right next to my swing down there and it is so nice to be able to enjoy all the color and scents.  Last year this was tomatoes!  This is so much better!
Here is Heritage…. It is one of my very favorites.
Mainly because of it’s color.  It is so romantic looking.  Near purple, but still pink….perfect.
A broad view, but it is growing everyday.  Remember this bed was planted in Mid-March.  Only a few were moved roses, most all are new.
Outta the Blue.
The purple-pink French hollyhocks are almost the same color as Angelface rose in the left corner.  What a great combo they would be.
Here you can see the swing where we could sit and talk roses.  I’d love to show you them in person, but this will have to do!  Thanks so much for stopping by and if you have roses blooming in your garden…. add your link to “Rosy Monday!”
Happy Gardening….Brooke

Saturday, May 28, 2011

All things white…. are BRIGHT!








Just because you have a white house doesn’t mean you can’t use white flowers.  I love to add touches of white, it is clean and crisp and perfect with all the dark foliage I tend to use.  It seems this time of year it really stands out how much light blooms I have, but a few weeks from now the darker, vibrant things will be blooming.  I added this last picture to show my variegated foliaged plantings.  I love to find things with interesting leaves.  They have so much more interest even when they are not in bloom.  I’ll take a sprinkle of white in every corner of my garden!

Thanks so much for stopping by and….

Happy Gardening….Brooke

(All photos from today of my own garden)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Windy Spring Day…

Some days I wish you could just see this hill in person.  It looks so pretty in the breeze.
With all the grasses and movement is just sways.  This is an area I have been working on.  It has been extended 10 feet down the hill.  I added several things from the garden club sale and they all look to be doing good.  I can’t believe how much it has changed in just in 2 years.
Picture 071
Here it is in May of 2009….. just planted.

Click on all the images below to see them full size!
And here it is now….

Click to see images full size.

We have been having some strong storms here again.  Lost power for a few hours and school on a 2 hr delay to cleanup roads.  I have not been out this morning yet, but things look okay here. 

Thanks for visiting and Happy Gardening….Brooke

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Ray of Country Sunshine!



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Just wanted to share some photos of all the yellow I have blooming at the mailbox, driveway and wildflower bed this week.  It makes a neat row of color for the neighbors to enjoy in the summer.  There are other things that bloom in these areas, but when all the coreopsis opens at once…. all you see is SUNSHINE!
BTW, all of these were from seed  two years ago.  They have took off since then!

Click below to see my post about what became this area and my rose garden!
Wow, have they changed since then!  The picture above is from March 2009….


And here it is today!  I love before and afters!  Don’t you?
Happy Gardening….Brooke

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What’s blooming out back…


As you come down from our deck this week you are surrounded by blooms.  My favorite is the Goldflame Honeysuckle.  It smells the best early mornings and it is a nice, tamer variety I have growing up the railings for 2 years now.  To the right is a Mock Orange in bloom, so you have sweet on both sides this time of year.


This area is my “Hot Bed” and it is!  Full sun, not the best soil and not watered as often as the front areas.  Things have to be tougher here.  There are three large roses and a few evergreens and shrubs…. but for the most part it is a ton of perennials and bulbs.


I wanted to show you a before and after, since I redid this bed last fall…. this was this area last June…. A bit of a mess!  All of the Susans are long gone…. Thank God! 


And here is it is today.  What a difference!  Until I looked back at the pictures I hadn’t realized how much it has changed…   Plus I picked hotter, new colors for this bed while the front is more pastels….this has red, orange, yellow, dark purples and blues.  It is a pretty “Primary” area…. like a little box of crayons.


But the best thing I added might be the REDS.  This sweet William is stealing the show this week, but later on there is other red blooms.  I love red in the garden, so dramatic, but hard to get the real colors on camera.


Originally there were just plantings in the raised bed, but 2 years ago I jumped to the other side and filled it in.  They work together, but have completely different plants in the newer bed.  I have pops of burgundy in this area with the smoke trees, ninebark, the flowering plum tree and husker red penstemon.  It might be hard to see in the pictures, but in person if makes the other greens stand out.  I love foliage as well as blooms.


Here is a shot of the Husker Red and a few irises still blooming.


I got this kind a few years ago at a Master Gardener sale.  It is a very dark blue/purple…. it changes colors as the bloom ages. 


I use penestmon all over my gardens.  I love it when it blooms, but it is pretty with just the leaves.  It is almost a shrub for me.  I have to cut it back or it seeds everywhere.  It is one of my favorite plants to give away and it is semi-evergreen here.  That’s a bonus!


This area is where our TV dish and utility box is at the back of the garage.  I just pretend it isn’t there.  I have a clematis blooming up the trellis, but it is very hard to get to with all the under plantings, so I get in there early spring and clean it up, then leave it alone.  I keep hoping it will send out a few new starts. 

Eventually I would like to have my hubby help make rock steps down the hill.  Of course this is also the perfect area for a water feature.  Plan, big plans I have, but for now it looks pretty good and since I have about 70 plants in my garage that need put out I am plenty busy enough.  Are you like me and have a plant waiting area at all times?  It seems in the spring I do.

I also have to redo the bed I did by the front walk.  It is too low and it flooded with all this rain.  I think I lost an astilbe and some lilies.  They may not be gone, but they are almost and need a bit of help.  So as soon as it dries out I need to work two or three days outside.  But it came a huge rain last night.  I was watering earlier this weekend, so I have some time off from that now.

Hoping you are enjoying time in your garden.  Thanks so much for stopping by!