Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Roses in December!

Notes from a Country Garden…. Roses in December!
December 01, 2011
Last year I remember writing about frozen roses in December, but this is something altogether different!  Mine are still blooming!  Well, not as lovely as before, actually they look quite sad, but they are still going!
Most of my garden has been finished for about 10 days now since we have had some hard frosts.  But this area is slightly protected with the house and wing-walls.  It keeps the winds from the plants and soaks up whatever sun we have been getting. 
We have had SEVERAL inches of rain and yesterday it snowed over an inch, then quickly melted.
I at first thought the roses were frozen in bloom, then noticed that new ones were opening in the sun today.
Many were facing downward, and I think that is what protected them a bit.
But as you can see many of the roses have over 15 blooms still on them and buds ready to open.
It is a rare treat to be putting up the Christmas decorations and roses still blooming.
I have been drying a few blooms this year and I think I will go back out and collect a bouquet.
I can then mix them in with my dried hydrangea blooms in my bedroom.
One thing I enjoy about cool season blooms is the color changes, you never quite know what they will be.
Pink roses look peach, yellow turn cream….
And the cool days make them last much longer…
So delicate, I had many petals fall as I photographed….
The light was just magical, just enough moisture to glisten…
Petals so thin they were almost transparent….
And quite a few had good scent this late in the year.  It was quite cold, low 40s today.
This is one of my favorites, just every shade of pink/peach/yellow/cream all blended in one.
But there is something about yellow roses, they just glow in the late fall.
You can see these from across the yard, they are beacons of light.
Rose hold such promise, the promise of blooms to come in the Spring, each one more beautiful than I remembered.  Thanks so much for stopping by and sorry for such a long post.  But in Indiana this is quite a rare thing and I wanted to make sure to remember it.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


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  1. Christine From Nova ScotiaApril 28, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    So beautiful!
    Which of your fall roses bloomed the best?


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