Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trash To Treasure…. Vintage Repurposed Dangle Bracelets


I just love old floral looking pieces…. this was a very long necklace that had many missing pieces…


To me, it needed to be a bracelet.   I reused the existing chain and latch, but made the beads all fit together.  I think I will be wearing this one often, it will match anything.


I just love all the detail… I am guessing this was from the 60’s…. I of course found it at a yard sale.


Here is another bracelet I did the same way.  I really like the double chain and the color of the beads.


These are so much fun to wear.  And I make mine slightly oversized so it is comfortable and you can see it under a jacket. 

Thanks so much for stopping by….Brooke


  1. The beads of yesteryear seem so much more fun than some we see today. Thanks for sharing.♥♫

  2. i think re-purposed jewelry is my favorite! i love what you did, and i love your blog, i somehow stumbled on to your blog and signed up to be a follower right away! tx for sharing and big tx for inspiring, i sure seem to need help in that area these days, aloha, angi in hana


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