Thursday, April 21, 2011

Purple is the color for me…


I couldn’t wait to show you my Sensation Lilac!  This is one I bought as a shrub and have trained it into a tree.  It was hard to cut it down to one twig…. but look at it now.


It’s almost 5 ft tall and nicely branched.  It looks so pretty by the fence and you can see it from the house.


This is the first bloom for me.  It really is as pretty as they said it would be.  White around every flower.  Just love it and it smells good too!


But today we are talking about one of my very favorite colors to use in the garden.


Purple… and blues… they are so vivid in a sea of green.


What’s not to love?  It is so interesting to see this bed with just this color, in a few weeks it will be full of so many things blooming.  But for right now…. it is very soothing.


I think I see a bit of blue here… and I love blue flowers.



I am so happy I planted so many bulbs, and that they will come back!



Check out this oxford blue veronica groundcover…. how cute is it?  I found it last year and it didn’t do much for me all summer, but it is beautiful right now.


But I can’t leave out my beloved pinks!


Especially the first pink iris of the year to bloom….. this one was from a gardening friend…. I have no idea the name.  Do you?  Let me know.  It’s beautiful!

I kept walking down to this area to watch it open…. the joys of Spring in a garden.

God Bless….Brooke

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  1. Your lilac is pretty. I've never seen one with the white edges. So glad it's is blooming. I love purple flowers too. I pretty much will put a purple flower anywhere in the garden.

  2. Wow. Gorgeous blooms. I love what you did to the lilac bush.

  3. Thanks so much. I have had very good luck training shurbs into standards. First thing is... I buy small plants for about $6.00. And I look for ones that have a branch that looks stong and straight. Then I plant it and leave it for about 6 weeks. Then after it is happy and setting new leaves, I cut back to the ground all the stems I do not want. Then I stake it with a bamboo in several places with garden tape so it doesnt hurt the plant. I watch and remove any "suckers" from the ground and then it just grows! At times I remove lower limbs till my "Trunk" is about 36". I have seen these sell as trees for big $$$$. I am doing my own and keeping the change!

  4. Your Spring garden is looking so pretty. I love the lilac. I have saw it in the catalogs but I never know if it will be true to the pictures of it. I am glad to see that this one is as beautiful as the pictures of it. Have a Blessed Easter.

  5. Your Lilac is gorgeous! Mine is blooming now too....gotta love the scent.
    Your gardens looks so pretty. I use the same colors in mine.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderfully Happy Easter!

  6. Very pretty gardens. Lilacs don't do well here, but when I lived in Colorado Springs, our home had a huge lavender lilac in front, about nine feet wide, and I fell in love with it. Wishing you a happy Easter.

  7. Your lilacs are so gorgeous! Your flowers are fantastic that you had one theme color for them. Been busy for Easter. Sorry for my late visit but my post is not late :) Hope you can visit my Fertilizer Friday here.

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    Thanks for the inspiration!
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