Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodbye June



Oh what a beautiful week it has been here in Indiana….


It just couldn’t be prettier….


And tonight was one of those special evenings to enjoy outside….


There was a perfect breeze on the porch….


Just enough to sway the blooms….


Lots of bees and butterflies….


And frogs singing from the lakeshore….


I wish you could have been here….


To see the setting sun….


And celebrate the last sunset of June….

Happy Gardening….Brooke

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Virtual Garden Tour


Good Morning….

Yesterday evening was an unexpected treat…. with a cooler breeze and lower humidity.  I took the opportunity to enjoy every second in my garden.  It has been horrible hot in the high 90s here all week.  I apologize for the poor quality of my videos, but hopefully you can get an idea of how my garden is laid out and the different areas.  I did include some new things this time, the kitchen garden and the fire pit/ rock garden areas.  Before you hit play, you might want to pause the music on the bottom of the page.  I do talk in this one….lol.  Also if you switch it from 360p to 480p, it will be clearer.

Enjoy and Happy Gardening….Brooke

Monday, June 21, 2010

Picture The Photo Contest - June 2010

Many times I have thought about entering the "Picture This" Contests, but this is my first time to actually enter. I just liked this photo so much of my "Countrytime" Hybrid Tea Roses.... I call it "Twins". Click the photo to see it full size. If you have not been to see the site and contest, there are some fantastic entries every month.
Happy Gardening....Brooke

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The day after the garden tour….



Is a day of rest…..


Of thinking how much I enjoyed sharing my garden….


And how proud I am of how everything worked out….


But also feeling a bit relieved…..


That it is done and I can relax for a bit….


Not that I will stop gardening…


But maybe I can pick some blooms for my kitchen table….


Or to take to the nursing homes….


Not to panic when the dogs get into a flower bed….


Or when a weed or two might pop up…..


It was nice to have the garden look so pretty…..


But it will also be nice to enjoy more time with the girls….


Swimming in the lake…..


And clean my poor house…. and laundry that has been waiting for me….


My hubby says I need to cook more…..


And I have promised more fun summer trips with the girls….


But I know the draw will be too great….


For me to miss a single morning….


And each new bud….


Welcoming the day…..


And each sunset…. making the garden magically glow.

In all I am guessing we had a big over 50 visitors here yesterday.  It was a rough start to the day, we had severe storms with 45 mph winds at 5:30 am.  I hurried and got some of my pots tucked away and the fabric pillows out of the rain.  It rained all the way until 8:20, then it was windy and grey.  I hurried and got all the spent blooms off and we put up a tent and table by the driveway.  Luckily the first visitor did not come till a bit after 9 and I was mostly ready.  It was a bit rushed, but the sun came out and we had a slight breeze all day.  It was warm, but I did not melt like I thought we might, for the humidity was much less than pervious days.  The majority of the guests had been here by 2 and from then until the end of the tour at 4 we basically just visited with family in the shade.  It was a fun day and I had help from my wonderful friends, hubby and family.  I don’t know if we will be doing anything like this again, but honestly I enjoyed the whole experience.  I thought it was so interesting that every person was drawn to different things and plantings.  Of course, they wanted to take home one of my rocks with them….  But it was nice to meet so many new faces and I had several that had visited my blog.  As I always say, it is impossible for me to take a picture and show how it really looks.  It is a garden you just have to see for yourself to appreciate.


Thanks so much for visiting….and Happy Fathers Day!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Ready For The Big Event


A few glimpses of the goings-on here the last few days…  My sweet hubby scrubbing off the upstairs siding.  He and my girls have helped me so much, I cannot tell you how much.


Here is another of the wonderful pillows my mom has made me.


And a cute curtain I got last weekend at a yard sale for 50 cents!  It makes a great runner on the potting bench.




Love this sign, so true!


On the porch, another from mom.


This basket was a dollar at another yard sale…. love that!



Yes, again by my mom.



The buggy seat will be out for the tour, then back in the house…. too nice to let the weather destroy, but it looks so cute there.


This has been a big help, the four wheeler and wagon to haul rock and cuttings to the compost pile.  More trips than I can count…. but so nice to throw things into.


Another basket, two for a dollar this time…. a garbage bag and presto…..


Two cute hangings on my patio doors!


IMG_5978 Planters on the deck….. love the grasses.  Thanks to hubby for staining it so it will be fresh for us.  It looks so nice, it is a huge job every year or so.


One of the fancy poppys…. so pretty.  Hopefully we’ll have them blooming Saturday too.


Last but not least, we welcomed a new addition to the family.  Big sister got a kitten she named Milo…. little sister is getting one too, but it is not ready yet.  She wants to call hers Otis.


He is tiny, but really sweet… and spoiled.  Hoping he will be a good mouser and keep the bunnies out of the flowers!


I’ll be busy from here on out.  I have on my paint clothes and am ready to go outside for the day.  Have to get a bit more mulch, paint some chairs and the front door.  But I am getting excited about the garden tour.  The first one is always the biggest deal I guess.  My mom is coming over to help today and hubby picked up a pizza for their lunch so I don't have to cook.   Again, thanks so much for all the help guys…. After all this we can relax, I promise….lol.

Happy Gardening….Brooke