Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pink Saturday!


I have an all pink post for you today!

Which is not too hard to do in my garden, I just gravitate to pink blooms.


Especially in roses which after weeks of looking rather ill,

they are finally blooming nicely for me.


I really enjoy when the roses get this spotted look in the fall.

It doesn’t do this any other time.  I think it is pretty this way.


Morning dew is so pretty on the Pink Double Knockouts.




The cleome are some of the best blooms to photograph.

I started all of these from seed.


And of course so garden is complete without Purple Coneflowers,

I have them EVERYWHERE.


But right now my favorite pink has the be the guaras….

they have bloomed all summer long in the butterfly garden.


I will leave you with the very last of the hollyhocks. 

They have been beautiful this year, and I already have babies

coming up for next years garden.

Have a wonderful weekend with your friends and families….Brooke

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  1. Brooke, I so love going to your blog site. I love hearing the birds and see the falling leaves. So nice and peaceful.
    Your pink flowers are so beautiful. I do mostly red but love the pink! I must plant some cleomes as I love them!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your gardens and friendship.
    Have a great weekend!


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