Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Ready For The Big Event


A few glimpses of the goings-on here the last few days…  My sweet hubby scrubbing off the upstairs siding.  He and my girls have helped me so much, I cannot tell you how much.


Here is another of the wonderful pillows my mom has made me.


And a cute curtain I got last weekend at a yard sale for 50 cents!  It makes a great runner on the potting bench.




Love this sign, so true!


On the porch, another from mom.


This basket was a dollar at another yard sale…. love that!



Yes, again by my mom.



The buggy seat will be out for the tour, then back in the house…. too nice to let the weather destroy, but it looks so cute there.


This has been a big help, the four wheeler and wagon to haul rock and cuttings to the compost pile.  More trips than I can count…. but so nice to throw things into.


Another basket, two for a dollar this time…. a garbage bag and presto…..


Two cute hangings on my patio doors!


IMG_5978 Planters on the deck….. love the grasses.  Thanks to hubby for staining it so it will be fresh for us.  It looks so nice, it is a huge job every year or so.


One of the fancy poppys…. so pretty.  Hopefully we’ll have them blooming Saturday too.


Last but not least, we welcomed a new addition to the family.  Big sister got a kitten she named Milo…. little sister is getting one too, but it is not ready yet.  She wants to call hers Otis.


He is tiny, but really sweet… and spoiled.  Hoping he will be a good mouser and keep the bunnies out of the flowers!


I’ll be busy from here on out.  I have on my paint clothes and am ready to go outside for the day.  Have to get a bit more mulch, paint some chairs and the front door.  But I am getting excited about the garden tour.  The first one is always the biggest deal I guess.  My mom is coming over to help today and hubby picked up a pizza for their lunch so I don't have to cook.   Again, thanks so much for all the help guys…. After all this we can relax, I promise….lol.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. You have a great team there. Your mom is quite talented with the pillows and such. All your little porch touches are great. Milo is adorable!!!! If looks good. Enjoy all your efforts and have a great tour!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! And yes, those pillows are so sweet.

  3. If I was just a little closer to southern IN, I'd pop in! Your yard (and blog) is charming & I love all the special touches that make your porch and beds uniquely yours.

  4. Wow, the place looks great! I love living in the country. I bet Milo will too. He's adorable. The next thing I want to teach myself how to do it embroidery, your mom does such beautiful work!

  5. Ohh~~~~ I love your post!!!

    and that precious kitten!!

    Have a blessed weekend:))

    Kay Ellen


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