Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Wish List #4 --- Reblooming Lilacs

Josee Reblooming Lilac

(Here is some info from the web) 

“Enjoy the spring fragrance of lilacs all summer long with this 4-6' tall dwarf reblooming beauty. Like the little engine that could, this amazing lilac just keeps going and going with spring's dramatic first flush of blooms followed by intermittent blooms all summer long often right up to the first frost of autumn. The lavender-pink blooms stand out against the petite green heart-shaped leaves and attract butterflies of all kinds. This low maintenance, super hardy variety is perfect for borders, hedges or as a stand alone specimen. Great for cut flower bouquets!!
Light: Full sun to partial shade
Blooms: All Summer
Height: 4-6'
Zones: 2-9

Enjoy sweet lilac fragrance from May to October with pretty pink reblooming Josée, a lilac-lover's dream come true. Dwarf variety grows about 4-1/2 feet tall ' just the right height for a hedge or border Blooms profusely each spring; with deadheading, it continues to bloom all summer A vigorous, low-maintenance plant Hardy in growing zones 2 to 9 “

Sounds too good to be true…. but it has been out for a few years now.

I am wondering if you have it and how is it doing for you?

I am in zone 6… has it really rebloomed in the fall?

How does it smell compared to other lilacs?

I am really wanting to order one online, but I have seen what I think it one and it was disappointing.  Really a floppy mess of a shrub, is that how they are…or just a bad example?  I hate to give $20 or so dollars and a good spot in my border to a plant that does not live up to the “hype”

What I really want is for it to be a standard or tree form.  I have seen lilacs as standards and really regret not purchasing it when I saw them.  They had them at Lowe’s early last spring for about $40.00.  I already had a cart full, and now I regret  not buying one…but they we’re not Josee’s.

Of course, the best thing about lilacs is the scent…. can you imagine how lovely this bouquet must smell?  Oh spring…. how is look forward to you!

If you have any thoughts on good lilacs to plant….leave me a note!

Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. I hope you get an answer from someone Brooke because I have been wondering the same things you brought to question. Anything that reblooms has it rewards but I wonder about the fragrance also.

    I have two of the old fashioned purple Lilac's and the fragrance cannot be beat.

  2. Wonderful post! Sooo..lovely..just seeing your gorgeous lilacs..I can imagine the scent! I beleive I have a "dwarf korean lilac"..I enjoy it..It was already here when I moved to my home. I don't know much about them..but the blooms are gorgeous and scent is amazing...and the butterfly's sleep on them for days!Wonderful post!


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