Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden bloggers bloom day….Lets Talk Roses!


I finally remembered a bloom day on the actual day!


This is a monthly event hosted by May Dream Gardens….check out the link above for other beautiful blooms!  This happens every month on the 15th.


I have to comment about this picture from Better Homes and Gardens.  It has a lovely rose bloom….but read the text….”better resistance to common diseases….” and this rose clearly has black spot.  Oh my…. well it is not alone….


Here is my Tamora Rose, another David Austin Rose and it is in sad shape.  I have sprayed it all summer and it still blooms….but it is looking really bad today.


But not all look like that…this is Countytime.  I cut it back to 12 inches in June and removed all the leaves and mulch.  Now it looks really good, I missed a cycle of blooms….but that is fine with me.


Painted Moon, I did the same with this one…now look at the shiny green leaves.


The bright pink blooms of Rugosa Rosa…


And the red rose hips are a favorite of the birds…..soon you will see them fighting over them right outside my windows.


The Fairy floribunda rose…..I have over a dozen of these.  Very soft dainty blooms and killer thorns that have my legs constantly scratched from weeding next to them.


The landscape roses in the butterfly garden are doing good too.  I bought them for $2 a piece last fall!  They came back just fine…I love a good bargain!

I will come back and click all the links to other gardens tonight after my girls go to bed….what a treat to see so many pretty things!

Come back and visit again soon.



Happy Gardening….Brooke

100th Post….and planning for NEXT YEAR!


Welcome Friends and Neighbors!

Thanks for joining me again….for my 100th post!

Wow….how did that happen so fast?


However the time has flown it sure has been fun getting to know everyone and sharing our gardens.


My front garden is slowly looking like fall.


The bright blooms are now just shades of green….but I enjoy this stage too.


I do still have blooms…but they are starting to fade down too.

Which makes me think about NEXT YEAR!


So far I haven’t subbed at school at all this week. I have a bad head cold and really congested. I hate it because it is so pretty outside and I have been hanging too close to the couch! I did plant a new area of foxglove seed today. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it comes up enough to bloom next summer.


I have been doing a bunch of surfing on the net for ideas and have even been writing in my garden journal… yes, I am that much of a gardening dork! But I forget when and where I plant seeds.


I have several things about an inch tall coming up…such fun to watch them grow! Hollyhocks are super easy from seed, but I have some veronicas starts too, I so hope they make it! This is a photo from the net, but the hollyhocks are some I have planted for my garden.

Picture 454

This is also a good time to plant your poppy seed. I did several last year and haven’t bought any to reseed yet….hoping they will come back on their own. I already have a second bunch of candytuft blooming again and the catchfly should reseed too. It was so pretty in this picture from June.

catchfly (have seed)

Here is another picture of catchfly….it think it is a pretty shade of pink and a good “filler” plant.

Giant Imperial Lsrkspur

Larkspur is another must have for next year. I hope mine reseeded, but I have more seed bought.

hummelo lambs ear new

Hummelo lamb’s ear is new for me, I have three new plants of this. I love regular lamb’s ear, but this is very different.

Hyacinth bean 01

Hyacinth Bean is definitely coming back in MANY new places next year. This photo is from the net, but mine did really well too. I wanted to show you how pretty it was with the yellow next to it.


White Guara and…..


Sensation Rose Salvia are two more of my top do’ers this year. I will add more next year of these two…..love them. (Picture from today)


These little zinnias have been so bright and cheery this year. I bought them for $1.25 a piece and almost did not get them because I usually grow zinnia from seed, but I am so glad I did. They never got over about 12 inches tall, and have bloomed all summer.


I have truly enjoyed the wildflower garden out by the road. I bought more pained daisy seed to add here…. the hot colors are so different from my other beds. But wow, are they pretty.


I know I have talked about this one before, but if you see any Wood’s Purple Asters marked down this month, buy them….. they are sooooo pretty and bloom right when they are suppose to. I pinched mine back in early June and it is about 14 inches tall.


A hollyhock from today, I think the veining is so pretty. These are blooming later because I started them from seed late. It is fun to see what colors they are.

Something else I came across today is this sweet slideshow of cottage gardens…..click here . These are pretty enough to be in a calendar, such colors and lovely plantings. I have been searching online for information on some seeds I bought and you just never know what you will find. I love cottages and dream of these lovely gardens….don’t you?

Okay, I need to fix supper for two pretty girls. They are starving when they get home from school. Thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to chat with me for a bit. I thank you for your nice comments and am so glad I decided to do this “web garden” thing….lol.


Happy Gardening…..Brooke

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fertilizer Friday Time!

It’s Friday…It’s Friday!  Thank Goodness!


It has been a bit of a crazy week here.  Busy and we all have a bit of a cold.  But today I woke up thinking it was “Fertilizer Friday!” …lol.  Tootsie probably though I had forgotten about her!  Fear not my friend!


I was up and about rather early with my camera….but I have lots of things blooming.


The morning glory has a good coat of dew….but so pretty going up the porch railing.


Here it is on the other side, so pretty it almost doesn't look real.


But this is still my favorite….the hyacinth bean with a few morning glories.  It has done so well this year.







Some early morning roses….so pretty and sweet.  They all smelled really nice today, some days are better than others for scents.


Purple coneflower blooming from seed this spring….I am really proud of this one.  I am a seed addict I think….


Matronia (sp?) sedum….very pretty this year.


Another beautiful sedum….I call “Live Forever”….maybe it is an Indiana thing….do you call it that too?


These white hosta blooms are so special, they smell!  It is the only kind I have ever had with scent, and I have no idea the name.  I have several in this bed.  It is really interesting and sweet smelling.


What a wild mess….but I love it.


Wood’s Purple Aster, comes back every year and is so pretty.


A lone Shasta Daisy….I will get a few more before it freezes.


But this is my favorite….this is from this MORNING!   I have some daylilies blooming in September and they are sooooo pretty.  Just a few, but I am enjoying them.


A bit of mist on the lake…the sun is coming out and it’s time to start the day.

Everyone have a good weekend….I hope to do a bit of yard sale shopping with the girls in the morning!

And Happy Fertilizer Friday Friends!!!!