Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lilies to Lambs Ear, Lots-a-Blooms Here!

My pink lilies are blooming! I just love these, and have been waiting for them all month. I have them in 3 places, but some broke off this year with wind or kids, who knows? But they multiply....yeah! (I have no idea the name, they came in a mixed bag.) I have white, yellow, orange and pink. And each color all bloom at the same time, like they wait their turn. Isn't that neat?

"The Fairy" Rose, I love how it spills over the rocks up my front walk. I have sweet alyssum from seed blooming with it. Very fairy-like indeed! It is a miniature, only about an inch sized blooms, but many!

Lambs ear looks great this year. I love to touch this plant. It is a great one for when kids visit. Love the grey color too, it looks a bit weird because it is wet. It rained over an inch this afternoon.

Beautiful blue Delphinium, love the white centers. I have several babies this year too, but they are not blooming yet. It is way in the back, hard to get a picture.

"Peach Blossom" Astilbe, it gets better each year. Next to a hydrangea and hostas it is a pretty splash of color.

Walkers Low Catmint.... I LOVE this plant. I bought 3 more this year for my hill. Smells great, great color, and long bloom time. It will almost cover this rock by fall.

"Northern Lights" Snapdragons from seed are really pretty right now. They are tiny, I thought they would be bigger, but very pretty. That is lupine next to it, they are starting to bloom too.

My favorite weed is blooming... Queen Anne's Lace. I have it 3 places and love the fern like foilage and white dancing blooms. They are by the road and driveway where it can go wild.

Here is a basket on the porch in bloom. It is "Huskers Red" Penstemon, Coleus and Red Sedum.
It is over 3 feet tall, and so pretty right now. It is bigger than it looks in the picture.

Here is a close up of the sign. It's true!!

Sorry I have not been posting much. I had another dr's appt yesterday and was gone all day. Things are better, but not 100%, but getting there. Last week of school, holiday, ect.... but I have been reading the blogs and everyone's pictures are so pretty. Have a great evening....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Love pink? Take a peek!

Pink is the color of the day, and this beauty is a "Paul Neyron" an antique rose I love.

This is it's 2nd year and it is really filling out quickly and loaded with blooms. It is in the mid-range in smell, but huge blooms and being nearly thornless makes up for that.

This bed has been re-worked and all of the things in the front are coming up from seed. But the pink roses are really jumping out, there are roses on each side that are not open yet. They are climbers and I want them to go up the railings. (I lost the tag, but they are pink too)

This is a "Fairy" rose, it is a miniature, and I have several. They start out pink and turn almost white. Very cute, I think I planted 14 last year, they go up the west facing side of my house. When they get bigger, I will take a good pic.

"Rose Queen" Dainthus, love this plant. So cottage looking!

And of course, Evening Primrose. I know this is a borderline weed! But it is so pretty. I just pull it out if it gets too far. One day it will be in my living room!

This is just a few of the things blooming. I have had a busy week, not enough time to garden!
Have a great weekend....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Posts Not Showing Up?

NoteFromBrooke.gif image by creativecountrymom

I have two big posts that I did last night. They are on my blog, but not showing up on Blogger. What gives? Anyone else having problems? Anyway, I have to go to work in a bit, I hope they show up soon, it has been over 8 hours!

Have a great day.....Brooke

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Other things....not just Roses!

Isn't this pretty? See it pays to take 500 shots with a digital camera! Every hundred or so is a keeper! This is "Sensation Rose" Salvia, one of my very favorites. See, I really do have other things than just Roses, lol.... I love all plants, probably too much.

Some "Johnny Jump Up" volunteers in a planter that I just left alone and they came back. I love reseeders! (Especially where they are SUPPOSE to be!)

Anyone know what kind of Iris this is? It came from the garden club last year, and this is the first bloom. I am so tickled! I love it, and have a bunch of them. It is only about a foot tall! Cute!! Especially when I think I paid 50 cents for the start. I have 6 starts now, but this is the only bloom.

This is that white guara I bought last week. It looks so pretty in the sun. I love this shot.

Looking the other way, yep.... that's me in the shadow. It was BEAUTIFUL today. Low 70's and sunshine!

Sweet William. This is the first year for me to have this. Last year hubby said there is something blooming down by the water. So I took the shovel and dug up this poor plant out of the weeds with just a tiny pink bloom. I planted it in a corner and it never bloomed again, but was a pretty green. I had never had Sweet William, and it looks a bit different without the flowers. So when I saw it bloom, I finally knew what I had! Lol.... I am miles from anything out here, but someone else has this somewhere near here!

"Anthony Waterer" Spirea, love this shrub. Perfect color of pink.

Here is a shot of my new wildflower patch. Several cornflowers and a few little poppy's are blooming. It is really filling out. More is coming up every day.

And finally, this is the view from the loft this morning. Steam coming off the lake, I just love this. So beautiful.

Okay, I really am done this time. It's 20 minutes past my bedtime!

Spring Flush Of Roses....... always the best. This is "Tamora" by David Austin.

Here is the entire bush. I am going to try and not just have close-ups. I like to see other shots on blogs so I can see the sizes and shapes of plants..... Don't you?

This is an "Iceburg". I have several of these. Nearly thornless, and oh my....such a bloomer!

"Painted Moon" I have posted this bush before from away, it is such a neat color, coral-orange-yellow tones. The foliage is the prettiest of all my roses. I can't get a good shot of this rose, but in person it is so interesting.

"Welcome Home" Rose, I could take a picture of this one every day. It just always has a near prefect bloom on it.

Here it is in the bed. Wow, I wish they all looked like this. But they don't. I have 3 that have not leafed out yet. I think they may need replaced. We had a hard winter and strong winds... I have about 6 different kinds with buds nearly open. Three are new, so I am excited to see them.

Here you can see my hill I call the "butterfly garden". I have "Nearly Wild" roses (the pink) and a knock out in bloom. But it is all just about a week or two from blooming. I just can't wait for the butterflies to come back. I have seen 3 so far this year, and I have a stray hummingbird or two, but just wait a few weeks and they will be everywhere (I hope!)

I am finally back to work! I can drive again! My eye is still a bit blurry, but the meds are working. I was happy to be back to school today. I work every day the rest of the week! Break's over!

I have more pics I will post in a bit.

Have a great night, Brooke

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pic's From The Garden Club Sale!

This is not from the garden club But I did find it "on sale!" It is Coquette des Blanches a vintage rose, and it was in a bag for $4.00! I thought is was the same as another rose I had, but it is larger bloomed, and from the pics on the net (like to one above) it's lovely! I'm happy and I don't feel bad trying it for $4.00! (Honestly, I have some lovely roses that we're bag roses in my border, and very few could tell any difference!)

Okay, lets get to the sale!

It was not raining this morning! I am so relieved, and they had a really good turn out. I was there at 8 am of course! This is my favorite area the perennials and herbs!

These are all iris and daylillys....

There was several hostas, lilyturf, ferns and even bamboo (No, I did not get any, but my Mom did!).....ect out under the trees.

More in the garage, lots of ground covers here and natives.

This is the house they have it at. She is friends with my aunt and just a walking book on plants. I love this border up her driveway.

The other direction and all the peony in bloom. I have gotten some of mine from her. I love the dark pink one. Her columbines are so pretty too. She has something blooming here all summer long, and you see it from the highway. I just about wreck every time I go by, lol....

This is one I bought today, it was simply labeled "Magenta Iris" and it was $1.00!

Here is all my loot, laid out after mom brought me back home. No, still not driving! But as you can see, I made a haul! The big bucket was just labeled "pink rose" and I asked about it and was told, "it is over 50 years old and was a cutting poked in the ground, so it is an own root. All they knew is it is pink and it was dug up from an old house that was being redone" It is healthy and big, and only $3.00, so I am excited to see what it does!

Other than that, I got these things....
-Dead Nettle (Purple Lanium) 50 cents
-Purple Laitris (Blazing Star) 25 cents
-Hearty Verbena $1.00
-big clump of Sage in bloom $1.50
-Purple Japanese Iris $2.00
-Pink and Yellow Coreopsis $1.00 each
-Big clump of Chives in bloom $1.00
-tobacco plant $1.00
-several purple coneflower starts 25 cents each
-two bearded iris $1.00 each

So all together I gave them $20 and wow, I am so happy with my goodies. Even with the prices low, they make a good profit for the group. I think they have done this over 10 years in a row, and have about 20 gardeners donating plants.

Girls, I cannot thank you enough for your time and energy. I look so forward to the sale, and enjoy the plants so much.

Okay, I am typed out! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scenes From The Farm This Evening....and a note

The sun was setting pretty today, so I took a few pics a minute ago.

The hostas and ferns are really filling in around the fountain. I have foxglove and delphinium's ready to bloom there too. *sighs*

"Dorothy Rose" Columbine and "wine and roses" weigela still looking good.

This is the other side of my porch steps, notice hubby used rocks as the steps. I love this, I'm so glad we did it. I have sedum and columbines growing in the cracks.

"Countrytime" Rose in full bloom, it is loaded and so bright and pretty. Great fragrance too. This one will get 4 feet or higher this summer.

We had pretty good news from the eye doctor. Well, sort of, I have some sort of a viral infection from my contact use. He called it Keratitis and it will never disappear, but with some steroid eye drops, he hopes the blurred vision will let up. It feels like I am looking through a iced over window in my left eye. So I have my drops, still no work or driving. I go back in 2 weeks, it is almost a 3 hour drive each way. But hopefully it will be better and then my regular Dr can see me. Anyway, it is a big pain in the rear....but at least it sounds better than some of the other things they thought it could be. They told me any time my immune system flares up, the virus can too, and I will need to use the drops again. But drops is better than surgery, so I am relieved.

Tomorrow is a big day, it is the Garden Club Flower Sale! Mom is coming to get me as soon as the girls get on the bus. I can't wait. I will take my camera. It is like a yard sale with flowers! I also love talking garden with all the gals. I look forward to it all year.

Hugs to all, and thanks for the comments. I have not been on the computer too much, and my one eyed typing is a bit slow. But I love to hear from you.