Friday, September 11, 2009

Fertilizer Friday Time!

It’s Friday…It’s Friday!  Thank Goodness!


It has been a bit of a crazy week here.  Busy and we all have a bit of a cold.  But today I woke up thinking it was “Fertilizer Friday!” …lol.  Tootsie probably though I had forgotten about her!  Fear not my friend!


I was up and about rather early with my camera….but I have lots of things blooming.


The morning glory has a good coat of dew….but so pretty going up the porch railing.


Here it is on the other side, so pretty it almost doesn't look real.


But this is still my favorite….the hyacinth bean with a few morning glories.  It has done so well this year.







Some early morning roses….so pretty and sweet.  They all smelled really nice today, some days are better than others for scents.


Purple coneflower blooming from seed this spring….I am really proud of this one.  I am a seed addict I think….


Matronia (sp?) sedum….very pretty this year.


Another beautiful sedum….I call “Live Forever”….maybe it is an Indiana thing….do you call it that too?


These white hosta blooms are so special, they smell!  It is the only kind I have ever had with scent, and I have no idea the name.  I have several in this bed.  It is really interesting and sweet smelling.


What a wild mess….but I love it.


Wood’s Purple Aster, comes back every year and is so pretty.


A lone Shasta Daisy….I will get a few more before it freezes.


But this is my favorite….this is from this MORNING!   I have some daylilies blooming in September and they are sooooo pretty.  Just a few, but I am enjoying them.


A bit of mist on the lake…the sun is coming out and it’s time to start the day.

Everyone have a good weekend….I hope to do a bit of yard sale shopping with the girls in the morning!

And Happy Fertilizer Friday Friends!!!!




  1. Your garden still looks so lovely. And the dew on the Morning Glories is so beautiful!

  2. What a lovely view of your lake. I love your "wild mess'. My kind of gardening and your morning glory on the fence is so well behaved. I wonder if that pink cluster rose is Felicia. If not then it must also be a hybrid musk and deliciously fragrant.

  3. Glad you've been back. I've been reading, just don't always have time to comment.
    I love how all the flowers look covered in dew. We've had that happening here too the last week or so. Your roses are looking great. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. EVERYTHING is gorgeous!! I adore your 'wild mess' and want one for myself. The morning dew makes the blooms look so fresh!!

  5. I am so glad you joined in! they all look so pretty! Your morning glory is huge compared to mine. They did not do well for me this year...I used to train them over a small looked like a flower house when they did well! My hyacinth bean just got started for I am taking it into the greenhouse to see if I can't keep it all year round this time!
    thanks for was wonderful to see your garden...and the mist from the lake photo is gorgeous!

  6. Hey Brooke, nice daylily! Thanks for sharing your paradise with us..I LOVE the fog over the lake view!

  7. The Climbing America rose on your sidebar - lovely! I might have to come up with a spot for it.

  8. More beautiful blooms and I love this last picture of the mist on the lake! Do you live right by it? Lucky you!


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