Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seeing Pink...."Heirloom" and "Rugosa" Roses!

Here is a new rose in my garden in bloom today! It is "Heirloom" and I think it gets much bigger and darker once fully open, but you can see it is pretty here too.

It is sooooo nice to see my roses coming back! I have several just ready to "pop!"

Here is a good shot of "Rugosa Rosa" from today. It rained here this morning so I have some pretty drops in the pics.

There bushes are probably 4+ feet tall and you can finally see them over my retaining wall from inside the house. I have waited three years to see pink blooms there!

I will have more pics tomorrow, I have been busy around the house today, but just had to "shoot" the pink blooms! Have a great day....


  1. Beautiful roses! I love taking pictures after it rains!

  2. Hi Brooke, your roses are beautiful and especially nice pictures with the raindrops on them. At least ya have big things blooming. I need big things!!! ;-)

  3. Your roses are beautiful. Do you feed them with anything special.
    I just transplanted a couple of roses and they are looking a little sorry. Any suggestions?

  4. That is so darn pretty. I planted only one rose in my garden. The very cliche knock out. I chose it for ease and convenience. I am very intimidated by pruning roses. Yours are beautiful!

  5. Wow, four feet tall! I am so jealous. It has always been my dream to have my roses so high around my house that I can lean out a window and pick one.


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