Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Decor...and a note.

Isn't the bunny cute. He is next to an "Easter Tree" I have in the kitchen.

I am busy today getting ready for little sister's 7th birthday party.
She has 4 friends riding home on the bus w/ her today.

Have to run to town and get the cake and a few crafts for them. Would have loved to had it on the deck, but it is cold and rainy. So it looks like I will be missing a few days.
Have a great weekend....



  1. Cutie pie Easter Bunny...You have a good weekend, too! gail

  2. Lovely little bunny. Birthday parties are so much fun. Hope you all have a lovely time and enjoy the spring.

  3. Thanks Brooke for helping to identify what the four leaf clover plant was on my blog.

    You have such a beautiful blog! The name of your blog fits very well, very creative! :)

  4. Have fun! It's funny listening in on the conversations girls that age have. Cold and rainy seems to be the weather a lot of us are having.

  5. Ahhh, it is so cute. Did you make the bunny?


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