Friday, January 30, 2009

A new beginning.......

Was what we wanted when we moved to the country. We had lived in town our entire married life and we longed to return to the country in a home like we we're raised in. I am a farmer's daughter, use to open spaces and room to grow. Hubby is much the same, and we set our sights on finding land to build. It was 4 years ago we found our place in the world.... it looked something like the picture above that day, all grown up and untouched.... ready for a new beginning.

It was almost 7 acres, part of it was on the water, but we would have access to a 48 acre lake. It was rough, with holes that needed filled and way out in the middle of nowhere, but as we stood on the hill, our lives changed. All I can say is we looked at eachother and knew this was where we belonged, this was where we would raise our girls together.

We needed a plan, and it took 2 years to get one. During that time we visited the lake often and I would pray and dream and plan this dream home for our family. We had many good times playing in the high weeds and "camping" in our new backyard. Our girls we're still quite little, only 3 and 5.... but soon they would be in school and it was time to begin.... (continued next post)