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So nice to meet you, I am always happy to meet new gardening friends. My name is Brooke Kroeger aka Creative Country Mom online. I'm located in the hills of South Western Indiana, about 40 minutes from the Kentucky border. We live on 7 acres way out in the country on a 48 acre lake. Lots of woods, water, wildflowers and animal life to enjoy. Our farmhouse style home is 8 years old, but the initial front borders are 5-7 years.... since then I have worked my way out. 

A few years ago I included a raised bed rose garden with new 35 roses, making my total collection at over 60 varieties. They been a fantastic addition, with at least 10 varieties blooming at any given time. I am an avid collector; irises, daylilies, hydrangeas, roses, flowering shrubs, and recently rare conifers and evergreens. 

With such a big area to work with, it has been a challenge and a wonderful opportunity to start with a blank canvas to create a dream garden. One thing I was blessed with is ROCKS! We had 52 boulders when we dug our basement. If you dig, you get a rock.... so I am constantly amending planting areas as I expand. We have a very unique “Firepit” rock garden that includes the majority of the largest boulders.... one is bigger than a compact car! It looks like the scene of “Survivor” when we have a fire and light the tiki torches... who knows who will be “voted off the island” 

Basically, I am an ever learning, avid home gardener that share her experiences... I am passionate about my blooms, thrive to create long lasting, creative combinations that will endure. My garden is coming together to a point that the fun part is now... editing... decorating... the heavy lifting is mostly in place.... it is the time to enjoy it!

To hear more about my garden writing and bio, please visit my "About Me" page.




Updated 6/2014


  1. Soooooooo pretty! And the birds....!!!!!!!!

  2. It is so lovely to see other gardeners who are as pasionate as I am about being outside and adoring gardening! I live outside of Fort Worth, Texas and last year just about killed me, worrying about the severe drought and how this year would turn out. But, God is good, the yard survived and I am enjoying it as always. Anyway, good luck and your yard is inspirational!!!! Best Wishes, Suzi Tyler

  3. Love the page down to home!!!. I have also worked for Costa, Grand & Hampshire Farms to name a few. I was just married on the first day of spring March 20th - my husband truly had no idea what I ment by "love plants" lol. Today as I was making an Easter display in my front room window with lillies, tulips and hyacynth - he was laughing not at me but to see me having so much joy in loving the plant world. Then I made a cute little fairy containter garden with some new succulents I purchased last week....I am finding it is also bringing him alot of joy. He just go home from his chemo treatment and having the house bright and cheery helps with fighting the depression. I think he now gets it. I keep telling's the little things in life that bring much joy.

  4. I was married to a Naval Officer, so whenever I got my garden going from weeds to beauty, it was usually time to leave to another tour of duty. Wouldn't it be nice to see what some of those gardens look like now? I will have to visit or write the new owners some day. Currently, I live with my new husband, just married April 6, 2012, and my 16 year old daughter and my older brother. It's not easy taking care of so many people, but the gardening is helping to relieve stress and it helps me appreciate my life. I love your page, the background sounds are so soothing and the pictures and quotes are very inspirational. I have saved your site as a fave!

  5. Wonderful garden tour!!!!Makes me wish it were summer here in NY I too am an avid gardener please come check out a peek into my gardens,Id love to hear what you think:)Deidre

  6. P.S Im your newest follower:))

  7. SO...........Beautiful!!

  8. Just love it. You are an inspiration!. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This is my first time here, The tour was awesome, such a peaceful and relaxing place, and the flowers were fantastic. I'm a container gardener, Ihave a small area fenced in so its private. I'm dealing with squirrel I had some beautiful grape vines, but they managed to almost kill them they ate up the first blooms and damaged a lot of the new growth, so I'm no longer happy that they come and visit! Oh Well, But your garden is fantastic and I know its hard work to create such beauty but you did Congradulations from Louisiana

  10. Wow, I just happened upon your blog and love it. I live in Minnesota, but grew up in Southern Indiana (Columbus), so I'll always be a hoosier at heart and wish our Zone 4 growing season was as long as yours. Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is so beautiful... I love everything!
    New follower, Francine

  12. Hi Brooke,

    I´m new to your blog. You have a beautiful home and garden! I can only imagine all the hard work and the work hours you´ve put in to make it look so pretty. I am not a great gardener so I´m taking it step-by-step. I love hydrangeas so I was very happy to read about them here and your experience. Yesterday I bought one called Sunday Fraise. It´s so cute I could eat it ;)

    Have a nice day,

  13. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous garden. I just found your blog and I love your style.


  14. Brooke, I had to come check out your blog since you left me those sweet comments. :) I love your gardens! I absolutely do not have a green thumb so I am totally jealous. However we do have one thing in common- I'm a Hoosier too! (But I'm all the way up north.) Beautiful blog and photos!

  15. Very nice!!! It must be great to live close to a lake like that... : )

  16. Just Beautiful!!! I have so enjoyed my stroll through your garden.... Love it! Blessings!

  17. Hi Brooke! Your gardens are quite beautiful - you have a great eye for mixing both color and form. Probably a silly question but have you stopped by Gardenweb, specifically the Cottage Garden Forum? You would be right at home there! I am "ravensfan52" on Gardenweb and spend most of my time in the Cottage Garden and Hosta forums. Lots of good info and pic sharing! Especially nice to catch up in winter when there's not much to do outside but shovel snow :( Happy holidays and I hope to see you on there sometime!


Wonderful to hear from you and taking the time to visit. Come back soon and let me know how I can visit you online as well. I love to meet new gardeners!

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