Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Tiny Little Apartment Kitchen in Alabama

 Hello there, welcome back to Creative Country Moms!
Last week I gave you a little peek at the apartment we have until our home sells.
  Today I am sharing the tiny little kitchen.
First off, I want to share my new canisters from "At Home"
Aren't they cute?  I am adding lots of copper this fall.
 Love the warm colors and bits of vintage in the otherwise neutral space.
 The little ledge is fun to decorate and keeps the counters clear.
When you have almost no space... every inch is precious!
 But it has a nice pantry and the washer and dryer are behind the folding doors.
 But with a space so tiny, everything has to be put in its place.
Yes, I will want a big kitchen again, but for now I am enjoying the little apartment.
Its pretty easy to keep clean... and we are doing things while we are here.

We had an open house last weekend and another this weekend on our Indiana home.
No offers yet, keep your fingers crossed.


To see more of the Apartment....

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  1. And your baskets corral things, which is always good. It maybe small, but it looks pretty efficient. I actually like the light tone of those cabinets in a small space. Good luck on the open house, fingers crossed here for ya, Sandi

  2. I love those lovely canisters! We haven't sold our house either and are starting to move into our new home. We hope to have an open house soon. Good luck selling your home. It's beautiful, especially with your lake!

  3. Brooke,
    Your apartment kitchen is almost the same size as my Galley Style Kitchen, dear friend!
    I love how you have one wall open to the other areas of the apartment!
    I'm always "shut~in" when I'm working in the kitchen!
    Love the touches of Autumn!

  4. I like your apartment Brooke. The canisters are so pretty! I know you will be looking forward to building that new house. Thank you for hosting at Home Sweet Home!


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