Friday, October 21, 2016

The Little Bedroom in the Apartment

Welcome back to Creative Country Mom's!
Thanks so much for your nice notes this week about our little rental.
Yes, it is cozy... aka very small, but it is starting to feel more like home.
 Grandma Gertie's lamp made the trip just fine...
I had it in the car behind my seat and it chimed all the way down to Alabama.
 The piepan safe is doing double duty as storage and a tv stand.
I had my antiques wrapped tight for the six hour haul.
 The mannequin has been a good place to keep my purse in the small space.
 Most everything is on the floor.
I tried command hooks and most of them would not stick to the walls.
So anything heavy is just propped here and there.
The wash stand is a good side table with more storage.
 I have to have chairs in my bedrooms.... don't you?
It is only 11 by 13, but it has a nice door to the screen porch.
 And we have all of our internet and cables going now....
I have been catching up on all the new shows.
 We just got this little bed before we moved.
I will get a cute headboard and bedding once it goes into my 14 yr olds room in the next house.
She wants a tufted grey headboard.
The floor lamp has become my main lighting in the evening.
 I love a little bit of bling....
 I miss having the big clock on the wall, but it is safe for now.
 We basically have two masters, the bathroom is right across the hall.
 We gave our girls the larger bedroom with the big bath and closet.
They had not shared a room since they were 4 and 6.
It is only part of the time, we are going back and forth in the two homes.
 But we are making do....
My youngest and I (and her dog) are still traveling back and forth to Indiana.
Praying our house sells quickly.
My 17 yr old is in school full time in Alabama.
That makes it hard on Mom.
I don't want to miss anything!

We had an open house last weekend, and another this Sunday.
Hoping someone falls in love with it soon....


Brooke Berry Kroeger is the creator of the Creative Country Mom blog started in 2009. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden.
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  1. Brooke,
    Oh, dear friend, your bedroom looks quite comfortable!
    Bless your heart, not hanging clocks and such on the walls, but I do understand.
    I paid a "hefty fine" once for bulldog hooks!
    Our beloved Maurice (cat) and I made a long trip every other weekend
    before "Mr. Ed" could transfer with his job when moving to this side of the Prairie!
    Praying that the family looking for their forever home will travel down your drive this weekend!

  2. You've made the apartment so warm and cozy! I'm glad it's starting to feel more like home:) Our house was on the market a few years ago and I feel you pain. But this too shall pass! I'm sure the house will sell soon. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm, we've missed you! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  3. When we were building our home and lived in an apartment, I used my pie cupboard in the bedroom also. It was great for storage, and I loved having it there. Hoping your home sells soon.

  4. You are creating a pretty setting, no matter where you are! Home is where the heart is after all, right? :) Just an FYI, Let's Talk Vintage has moved to my brick and mortar shop's blog. Hope to see you there again, when you get all settled! Hope your house sell soon.


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