Friday, October 14, 2016

The Details in Small Spaces....

I am back two days in a row!
I hate to blog from my tablet, so I am happy to be back at my desk for a bit.
Welcome back to Creative Country Mom's!
Yesterday I share my first post about the Alabama rental.
Incase you missed it you can click here.
I only took a small amount of my home decor items to the rental.
And a little goes a long way in a small space.
Many of the pictures I had planned on hanging.
I purchased command hooks, but the walls are a bit textured and almost slick.
The hooks held for about 24 hours and.... boom... down came two things in a few hours.
 So.... things are leaning and propped on the floor.
But that is okay, it is just for a few months we hope!
 I really like the combinations together of my vintage with a bit of modern industrial.
I hope to add more industrial shelving and a big distressed farmhouse table in the next house.
As a reader asked me yesterday... no, I did not bring a table and chairs.
I have space for my antique desk on the blank wall you can see here.
I should have moved it, but I wanted a workplace in Indiana.
But when this house sells, I hope soon... I will get it down there in hubbys truck.
I was very worried that everything would fit, it does... but just barely.
But it still feels like home.
I am happy all my antiques in the bedrooms made it safely.
We had them wrapped and blanketed.
But still it was a big job... and I am still wore out.

We have an Open House here on Sunday.
I have got to get off here and back at it.
I will post more pics tomorrow...
I have about 3-4 new shares on the spaces.

Wish me luck and energy to finish up!

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  1. I do wish you luck and, especially, energy! And, as I said yesterday, a quick sale!

  2. Selling is stressful and suddenly you are see dust bunnies everywhere. And drips...water spots...and shadows not he wall. Don't let it get you down, your house is lovely and we hope it sells for you soon. Good Luck, Sandi


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