Thursday, June 16, 2016

Heating Up At The Front Gardens....

 Welcome back to Creative Country Mom's Garden!
 Remember how we wished it would warm up soon?

Well we got out wish and it is HOT!
Mid 90s here this week.... and MUGGY.
 But the garden is taking it well.
It helped that we had a nice rain last night.
 But I think this will be the start of my watering days...
Dragging the ole hose around for a bit.
 I was outside before seven this morning and got two big muck buckets of debree.
 That is my goal, to keep up with weeding and watering.
 Last summer my garden got a bit toasty... I did not water enough.
 So this year I will try to do better.
Thanks goodness this out by the driveway is really drought resisitant.
 My good ole evergreens, they do get dusty from the road though.
 I think you should take a good look at this pretty green lawn...
I have a feeling in a few weeks it will have a brown hue if this heat keeps up.
That is Indiana for you.... tons of rain in the spring then no rain all summer.
Thanks so much for stopping by... Miley loves to see visitors.

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  1. Up here, we are alternating muggy hot and then rains...with quick drops in temperature and the next day back up to sky high.
    Drought resistance is a ....good Martha would say. Nice post for reminding us---that plants need attention, as Mother Nature is quite the fickle....b......! Smiles, Sandi

  2. Love your watering can on the door! Cute!

  3. your home and garden are so beautiful! It gets so hot here in California that all my plants died when the first hot weekend came. I think I need to look into an indoor garden or resign myself to only having aloe lol. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Brooke- your gardens are lovely.
    And yes- i think we are all going to have a hot summer.
    I live in south Texas , and we have had temperatures nearing 100.
    I always enjoy seeing your lovely home and garden.
    Thank youf or joining TOHOT.


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