Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY - Using Faux Shiplap Wallpaper in my Glass Front Cabinets

Welcome back to Creative Country Mom's!
Today is a fun, easy decorating idea to add new life in your cabinets.
Last year I did a little paint and paper redo of my kitchen in a cottage style.
I added these lace insets to my glass cabinets at that time and was very happy with it.
Fast forward a few months and this area became a catch all of "kitchen junk".
It had to be cleaned up....  
So I cleared it all out and took out the two shelves....
 And wallpapered the back of it with my faux shiplap paper!

 I love the new look with my white dishes.
 On the very edge of my shelves I added some ribbon style lace.
 I love the touch of sweet cottage charm.
 And having all my dishes more on display.
 Yes, this post has been a long time coming... those are Easter decorations you are spying!
 But better late than never right?
I did the same thing to my island... but I am not quite done with it.
I need some more trim and to paint my corbels I will be adding under the ledge.
I will share that with you as soon as it is completed.

Here is the info on the paper I choose....

I did the island and the cabinet and I still have over half a roll left over.
Let's see where else I find to use it!

I am in love with how bright and fun it is in my kitchen.
There are other styles and colors...
Have fun dreaming up your new spaces!

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  1. Hi Brooke,
    Love how that shiplap paper looks in your cabinets, and on your island.
    Looks really great. Hope you are doing well.........
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Oh my! I love the paper you used. Your cabinets are beautiful! So glad I visited today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Very cool! I especially love it on the bar but the cabinets are awesome too! I have a very similar wallpaper mural on one wall of my bedroom.


  4. Great tips on how to add add ship shiplap to your home. Aren't these new products so amazing!
    Lovely to have you join us at TOHOT.

  5. This is such a clever idea to add shiplap. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  6. Brooke, every creative use of "shliplap". Thank you for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

  7. That is all the rage now shiplap boards.
    I had never heard of those boards until I watched the show of the couple in Waco Texas on their home improvement show.Joanne and Chip
    Now I had seen those boards before on the old house I grew up in

    Its so fun to get something new in our homes that makes up happy

  8. I've featured this post at Vintage Charm this week! Thanks for sharing! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  9. Would love to get some of that shiplap looking paper to use on our small portable island. Your island looks fantastic with paper on it and your cupboard backs are certainly brightened up with paper. Wonder how cupboards would look with that paper on them and cupboard doors center removed? Where did you get that paper?
    We have single wide mfg. home with typical mfg. home cupboards, yuk. Been looking for idea to make them look better, anything would be better than how they are (ugly).
    Been noticing your French door curtains, are they burlap with lace tops? Love how they look.

    Hope you have wonderful holiday weekend.

  10. What an amazing idea. It looks beautiful! Maria


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