Sunday, May 22, 2016

Anniversary Cruise in our own Backyard

Welcome back my dear readers to Creative Country Mom's.
Today is a good day, it is our 17th Wedding Anniversary.
We celebrated a bit yesterday, and I will share that in another post.
But today was spent here at the lake... on the water.
And yes, I want you to come along!
We are very fortunate to live on a private 60 acre lake.

The lake is divided into two areas, ours is the more private with only two homes.
 90% of it is natural woods on the edges, so thick you cannot walk thru.
 We see lots of wildlife here on the water.  Nesting geese, ducks. beavers and deer.... and huge turtles,
 We hear owls and even bobcats on rare occasions.
 But mostly just enjoy it for fishing and swimming.... and boat rides.
 Seventeen years ago I gave my hubby a boat for our wedding day.... and we never dreamed we would live on a lake today.
 We fished often when we dated, and like everything when you have kids... it takes planning.  You think when you live on a lake you would do it every week... but there is too much to do here!  
But it is wonderful to go out in the early morning and see the sun come over the trees.  This time of year there is lots of wild roses and honeysuckle blooming near the banks.
 I often show you the backyard and water in my posts....
 But now you can see what it looks like from the other side.
 The weather is improving here and it is near 80 today.
 I would guess in just a few weeks we will be swimming here....
 That is my favorite... especially since we put in a sand beach last summer.
So it has been a wonderful day for our anniversary.
My parents will be coming over for supper and we are just taking it easy.

Seventeen years sure does fly by... This one is a keeper... 

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  1. Happy Anniversary Brooke! Thank you for taking me along on your cruise. Living on the water is so much fun, glad you had such a beautiful day!
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  2. Happy Anniversary, Brooke! It was a beautiful day for your cruise around the lake. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love your home and your lake! YES...I feel like I've been on a cruise. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Happy Anniversary! How wonderful to have the boat and be able to get out on the water! Is it a pontoon? My SIL had one and I LOVED, loved going out on it. They lived on a river.We would take wine, cheese and crackers and just sail around for an hour or more. What a slice of heaven you have there!

  5. Congratulations Brooke~!! Your home & surroundings inside and outside are wonderfully peaceful and I am in awe! Enjoying your blog, especially your Victorian style.


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