Friday, February 12, 2016

A Little Blog Update Today....

Hello my dear friends.... I will make this a post about what is happening with my site... but also share some vintage style décor.... okay? I hope you will enjoy that...

I am so happy to say my blog is GROWING by quite a bit actually. The numbers of visitors is substantially up from about 25,000 per month to almost 40,000 visitors. From about 1000 per day to 1800. This is great news, but the best part is this is normally a slow time for me. So to take in to account from last February, the numbers have doubled. We also passed the ONE MILLION visitors mark... which took me almost 7 years to do... if these numbers continue I will be to 2M in 2017.... very cool. I know the MEGA BLOGS get tons more traffic than that... but for me... this is wonderful.

I think the new traffic could be accounted from....
My new Instagram account,
Group Board Pinterest Pins,
Sharing my posts to Google+ Groups (Home Decorating Themed)
A tiny bit from Facebook Groups, but my page is not even getting 1,000 views per new post... which is sad because I have almost 20,000 followers there.

What I need to work on is.... scheduling posts.... I am looking into the paid programs to schedule pins and Instagram shares. I also need to do this more for Facebook as well. I always seem to forget to share until much later in the week.

I am getting quite a bit of traffic from search engines... trying to remember to use good key words in post titles and tags. Such as “Shabby Chic” “Vintage Decor” “Antique Lace” ect... I am now labeling my new photos with my web address in the title verses IMG 5648 and so on.... I did that for a long time and then got lazy again.... but I now have over 200 photos labeled for upcoming posts... yes... 200!

So here is a few of my tips you might say.... about blogging in general.... I try to blog on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays... I do not do the weekends or Fridays. I don't always do three posts per week, but I try to. If you only do one post, go for Mondays. I have the best clicks from early in the week shares.

I love to do link parties, but I do not do the big huge ones.... if it gets to 300 posts, it is too big for me. Sorry, I know you work hard to get so many shares... but I am pretty specific in my blog to vintage and garden... so I try to share at parties with a similar theme.

I have tried three times now to get a weekly party going on my blog... and as of this week, I am waving the white flag. I have only so much time, and I am not going to chase people down to share on the site. I am still having major issues with overages on my internet with my daughter homeschooling (which will always come before blogging). So I will let the Flea Market Friday idea go... and be fine with that.

***Again, there will not be anymore FLEA MARKET FRIDAY parties here***

If I ever do have unlimited internet... it would be much different. But that is not the case way out here in the country.... So I put my images onto a data stick and load them at the library or my parents house.... then at home all I can do is approve comments and keep up with emails.

But it is good in a way, because I have much more time to do my photography... and create more projects, and DECORATE and hopefully soon.... GARDEN. I see a big wave of new followers as soon as I start sharing my Spring Garden posts... they stick around all summer long... then about Christmas they decide it is way too much decorating and the numbers start to fall a bit.... but I love to do both... and I hope you enjoy seeing both the inside and out of this house.... so I share whatever it is I am doing.... I did consider doing two blogs at one time, one for gardening and one for décor... but I am busy enough as it is.

I started homeschooling my 13 year old in November and I have to tell you... it has been the best decision for us. I feel like I have a new full time job, but it is a dream job. We sometimes have trouble getting our hours in, and we seem to go slower than I thought we would. But her grades are fantastic and her teachers are very pleased with her test scores.

So the blog is kind of a hobby again... at one time it was a much bigger priority for me... but now it is just fun again. I am happy to say.... my house is clean, I have been cooking like crazy, laundry is caught up.... and the kids are great. And I do not feel like I have to be the “best” or “top” blogger.... but more like I enjoy blogging about my passion for decorating and gardening. If you blog, you understand how it can seem to take over.... and not be fun anymore.... I took three weeks off in December... and I saw a big change in my priorities.

I think for me I will always need a creative outlet. I want to share my things with people that will enjoy them. I open my garden and home for tours because I do enjoy sharing it. And more than that, I enjoy the people that come to visit... online or in person. I have met so many bloggers that inspire me... and are true friends. I don't think I could ever give that up.

I have seen so many changes in my site... from the first photos which were absolutely horribly embarrasing... to the ones I share now... much better... but I am still critical of. I know I am a better gardener, decorator and photographer because of this.... and I am in an odd way... documenting our life here at the lake to look back on some day.

I am proud of my little site... it is not the biggest.... but it is so much more than I ever dreamed.
Thanks so much for following along on my little journey...

I hope you stick around to see all these new posts and photos I have coming soon!

Brooke Berry Kroeger is the creator of the Creative Country Mom blog started in 2009. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs. She does freelance photography and DIY publication work.  If you would like her to contribute on a project, email her at
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  1. I came across your blog from another blog and I have to say that I love it!! Every photo gives me inspiration for my home!!

  2. I did not know that internet still had data plans. It's just as well, it is more productive not to use it. I love that first photo. xoxo Su

  3. You are the kinda blogger I wanna be when I grow up. I'm still working on the nerve to start by using the excuse "I'm doing the resesrch". But like you family comes first. I take care of my 83 year old dad. And travel over 60 miles three times a week for his health care and daily needs.
    Thanks for being real and not a over blogger....and Congratulations to your daughter for doing so well in her test!!

  4. I'm so very glad for this success of yours you fully deserve, and thank you again and again for your wonderful shots, your vintage details and your old-fashioned home fascinate me more and more, my dearest one !
    With so much love and gratitude

  5. I love reading your blog and seeing what you've tweaked every week! You've worked hard for your success, I love that family comes first. Your home is an inspiration to me!

  6. It was lovely to get a little insight into your blogging process. Blogging certainly brings the world to one's door!

  7. Brooke,
    Congratulations on many fronts, dear friend!
    Home schooling Mom with daughters amazing Test Scores,
    the success of your blog and the loveliness of your home!
    I always enjoy my visits at Creative Country Mom!

  8. All your hard work and blogging is much appreciated! I love your blog and style of decorating. I look forward to every post and I'm always inspired!
    Susan B. =^..^=


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