Friday, January 22, 2016

Warm and Cozy on a Snow Day... Or What You Didn't See Yesterday~!

 Welcome back my sweet friends and new followers.  I am so enjoying meeting all of you and seeing your lovely houses.  For a few years now I thought I knew almost everyone in the design world, then I joined Instagram and wow... there is SO MUCH MORE!  
I woke up this morning and checked my email and read all the comments from yesterday.  I loved all of them, but thought... you never really say the fireplace.  Then I walked in there and turned on the lights and everything looks so pretty and different....  So I took more pics for you.  I hope that is okay!
 I had a reader who wanted a better look at my industrial clock, it was from Kirkland's and about $100.  It may be less now, but the last time I was in there, they still had a few.  It is big, 36 inches at least.  I love it, but my kids think it is hard to read.  Oh well, it looks good right? 

Another shot of this corner, I am happy with it now.  I must have tried a dozen different combinations here.
 The London Eye print was from Gordmans I think.  It was one of the first things I bought for the redo of this room.  I love the old buildings and look for this one.  It has a bit of blue in it and I hope to add more blue in this room eventually.
 This week I added this large frame behind my tv for more interest.  I have mixed dark and light woods in this area and I love how it has the same shape as our tv.  I do not have much room as the tv takes most of the area, but I have a basket for Wii removes and games and a few trinkets.
 I love this little wicker tray and I found this wooden bird hanger this summer.  I have added bits of purple florals in this area.  I love purple in home decor.
In every room in this house there is a bird somewhere.  I have not had much luck getting any good winter bird photos this year.  I have had blue jays and cardinals in the yard this week and there are several geese on the lake.
 Here you can see the frame a bit better.  It just seemed so empty behind the tv and we can't have that!
 We added our propane gas fireplace about two years after we built our farmhouse.  It was the best thing we ever did.  It is huge, I don't know if you can tell from this photo.  But I love it and if the power ever goes out... we will stay warm out here in the boonies.
 So they cancelled school Wednesday, then had a two hour delay yesterday.  Then they cancelled again today.  My youngest will do homeschool and my oldest will probably read all day.  We will catch up on watching tv and probably bake something yummy....  Dessa and Miley love having all of us home, but Daddy had to go to work, snow or not.  We have about 3 inches on the ground.
So here you have it...  our favorite room in the house during the winter.  I am so glad we redid it last Spring.  It has changed so much in the almost ten years we have lived here.....
This is a horrible pic but this was the before... with my beat up old sectional and very country decor.
 And here it is now...  Much Better!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Love the fireplace--- and your cozy room. Thanks, Sandi

  2. I really like this room. The fireplace is esp. Cozy. Love that London picture and the cute doggy.

  3. This room just gets better and better Brooke - I can see why it's the family favorite. The frame behind the tv is genius! Jane

  4. I have stumbled upon your blog while enduring the blizzard here in the east. Love your vignettes and I too have a bird of some variety in every room. It simply seems to bring a bit of the outdoors to the inside and feels natural along with a plant or two. The frame behind the flatscreen was a brilliant idea ! Love it !!

  5. I love your so cute dog, he's the master of this wonderful room, isn't he ?

    Have a most wonderful Sunday, darling Brooke
    with thankfulness

  6. Such an warm and cozy home and yes I have a bird around my decor too!

  7. Your room is very warm and cozy. I could just curl up here and read a good book. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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