Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Rustic, Reclaimed Vintage Style Family Room

Welcome Back My Sweet Friends...
I had planned on sharing this post much earlier in the week, but time got away from me.  We have several inches of snow of the ground and school was out yesterday.  So it was a home school/girl time day for us.  (I have one in regular school too)

It has been a bit since I have shared our family room with you.  Mostly because it is the most used room in the house and someone is always in it!  But I have made a few changes recently and wanted to share.
I am just in love with these vintage metal candle holders.  I had found my first couple when we were building the new screen porch and I thought I would use them out there.  But I looked at them and decided they were too cute to be outside.  I am thinking they might have been home interior years ago.  I thought I was really on the a find... then we went to a little restaurant a few miles down the road and they must have had 30 of them on the tables!  Oh well... I still really love them.... This past week I found two more... so I have six of them now... and they are repeated in this room.  I need to add candles to the ones you see next time I go into town.
This big jug is a favorite, I would love to find more like it.  You know I love my rich browns and golds.  It is simple and perfect and so pretty in the sunshine.  I added the little tag, they had them on the clearance isle at WalMart this week for $2 for 10.  I love little accents like this.  I may add numbers or some designs to them eventually.  For now I like them plain.
Here you can see some of my vintage photos.  This is the young picture of our friendly "House Ghost" Willie... yes, we joke we have a spirit, and he is a grandfatherly sort.  Here he is young with Edith his wife... her name changes from time to time.... But old Willie gets the blame for most everything from losing the remote to who passed gas... lol.  That and the dogs....  I love this photo.  I have talked about it before.  It was one of those long awaited finds... I had seen it in a local antique store and it was too much money for me.... they closed a few years ago and I offed them $40 for it.  The rest is history and I love its size and frame.   The hand carved corbel is another lucky find for $10, I will buy all of these I can get my hands on.  I love the rustic wood touch and have it repeated in this room.
Here is my feed bin piece in the corner.  It is stuffed full with pillows, blankets and dog toys.  It would have been used years ago to keep oats and corn to feed the livestock.  It is primitive built with square nails and holes where the mice chewed thru... but I love it.  The long top only opens half way, so I can decorate the ledge and still get to the inside. 

This corner was a bit confusing when we got the new couches.  I wanted to still be able to have the legs out... but then there was the big hole in the corner and you had to reach behind to have a place to put a drink... so I had my hubby redo this little table with an click face I had as the top. 
 It has worked out great, I polyed the top and it has been about a year and still looks great.  It can be moved out of the way if I have to, but I love the added pattern and vintage style.  The little photo is just laying on it, I cover where the hole was from the clock parts.
 Old books are a favorite to add all around the house.  I found a large pack of vintage bingo cards at a barn market and have them all over this room.  I love anything with numbers and it adds little pops of bright with the old books.  I also love the burlap ribbon... this one is 3/4 an inch... look for it in your craft stores, you will be surprised how many place you can use it.
 Here is the original photo of sweet Willie.  No, I do not know who he was.  Everyone that comes has a different opinion.  I do think he might have been in politics here locally.  They say photo like this use to hang in courthouses.  I am sure he use to have a frame and it was sold long ago.  It is literally falling apart and I am afraid to even touch it.  It has bits of ribbon or part of old crepe paper stapled to it.  I just leave it alone... it adds character.  It is bigger than it looks, and yes... it was a steal at $5.  The guy thought I was nuts when I bought it.  We were both happy I guess.  

The arrows are new, bought them at a design store before Christmas.  Yes, I am a blogger and love the current trends.  I just had to have some arrows somewhere right?
 Another fun thing to do is take paperback books and rip the covers off of them.  Then rough them up a bit and tie with twine... and of course a little bit of greenery.  The little metal accent is a key to an old radiator heater.... I have a few tucked around the house. 
I love shelves and have lots of goodies here.  The reclaimed wood and metal brackets add nice touch of design.
 So this morning as I was getting the photos edited I decided to call my library and ask them if the still had old books for sale.  Many have been out of circulation and have to be destroyed or sold off.  I will be heading that way and take a few more for a small donation.  Many of the antique stores want big prices for old books to decorate with, so try your library first.  You might find a gold mine!
 Here is another of the little candles... and another recent find... an antique marriage license from Minnesota...  How it ended up in an Indiana junk store is beyond me... but I love it.  It is from 1875.
 These tin plates are a reproduction, but I love the added texture.  I almost painted them white for the kitchen... I want to find antique ones, but these are almost as good.
 This wooden jewelry box is velvet lined and from my childhood.  It floats around the house and I love the carvings.  
 More of that burlap ribbon....
 Sweet and simple here, this area gets lots of use... coffee cups mainly!
 I have lots and antique gold and copper in this room.  Remember a few years ago when we got rid of all the gold in our houses?  Well dig it out... its coming back!
So one last tip on the burlap ribbon... it is the perfect way to tie your books together so they stand up.  Sweet and simple... and I love burlap anywhere.
 Another look at the carved corbel.
 I am happy with the look of this room now.
 It is very different from the rest of the house, but that is good with me.  It looks like a blend of my husbands style and mine.  This is the room he is in all the time.
 I love all the metal and industrial touches.  I would have never thought I would use anything industrial in my home... but I love it.
 The metal legs and wheels are fun... and unexpected.
 The rug is just bright enough, but still doesn't show too much dog hair.  I love the wood floors, but I think every room needs a great rug.

Yes, I have brown leather furniture... and I did worry it would make the room dark.  But I love the rich tones and my walls are very light.  I am so happy we went with this style and the nail heads.  They are so comfortable and they have worn so well.  They remind me of an old leather jacket that gets better with age.   

I know the trend is all white... and I love cottage style too.  But we live with kids, dogs... spills... I do not want to be washing slipcovers every few weeks... I have leather that you just wipe off...  it is fantastic.
There is a whole other wall to this room, with my hubbys chair.  I am still tweeking it... lol... I will share that sometime soon I hope!  

Wow, I talked a bunch today.... but I get a bit excited talking about this style of design.  I hope you got an idea or two.  Remember, pretty does not have to be expensive.  The best rooms come with years of collecting things you love.

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  1. I can see why this room is a family favorite. It's so inviting and comfortable looking. I love all of the unique and special touches and the ways you've displayed them. Now I want to put a clock on top of a table. Great idea!

  2. The white slip-covered couches are beautiful, but I don't think I would like washing a slipcover and putting it back on the sofa on a regular basis. I also try to keep my house somewhat pleasing to my husband. He tolerates a lot of cottagey-type decor, but I try to balance it by keeping most of the furniture in its natural dark-wood state and having the brown leather sofa. I think your family room is very nicely decorated and looks like a comfortable room to hang-out in. Love the ferris-wheel picture!

  3. Oh Brooke, this room is always so together, and your personal touches add just the right of amount of a woman's touch. I love your couches, we are going to be shopping for new ones next year as our couches are starting to bite the dust. Love the little touches of greenery and florals to soften the space---and yes, I can't live with all white either---I remember when I picked out the original carpet here---I carried paint swatches out and matched it to the clay dirt we had outside(a realistic Mom of two boys--and a gardening husband)and chose that for the color, and it held up surprisingly well, and will be replaced with hard flooring this winter after almost 30 years. Thanks for the share, and it looks cozy and comfortable! Sandi

  4. I just love this room, Brooke. It's everything a family room should be - cozy, comfortable and lots of warm touches. Love the old books and jug...and the vintage pieces. Stay warm!

  5. How charming and cozy this corner is !
    I love everything you've put with so much love in it, it's so welcoming and warm, thank you for having invited me today in this lovely room of yours, dearest Brooke !
    Have a wonderful end of your week,
    sending much love to you,
    with thankfulness and esteem,

  6. Brooke, I think your family room is very pretty and cozy! I'm with you as far as the white goes. . .and there's only me and my man and our dog, but we have a small house and our living room is just that. . .a LIVING room. So, we also have darker, richer colors in our decor. Love your use of old books! One of my favorite looks. That table with the clock face, too. . .oh my! Just love it!

  7. I really like the square tin plates you have displayed on your shelf, the really add extra interest and texture.

    I have been looking around for bits and bobs like that so I can make my own little ensemble.

  8. I love your room and all the decorating touches. You have given me some ideas for my own! Thank you for the tip on burlap ribbon. I will have to pull mine out and start using it.

    xo Dianne

  9. I love your family room. I'm looking for leather furniture also. Can you share where your furniture was purchased from. I live in Indiana too.

    ~ Lisa ~

  10. So much great decor all in one room! There are so many things I love about this room. Especially the old pictures/marriage license (1875!) and the big bottle. I like arrows, too lol. Thanks for linking up over at Vintage Charm last week. We love having you. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this week! xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  11. Such an interesting room filled with amazing vintage treasures Brooke. It looks so welcoming and 'homely'... no wonder there is always someone in there! I'm delighted to be featuring your family room on Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow. Hugs - Kerryanne xx


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