Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hiding Light Cords in a Tinsel Tree - DIY Holiday Decorating

 Welcome Back and I am so glad to be sharing a new post!
It has been a rough last month here at the lake.
I was really sick for over two weeks, then my husband got it.
He ended up with pneumonia and spent a couple days in the hospital with it.
Thanks goodness, he is back to work this week and we are feeling better.
So I am sorry I missed the link up party last Thursday, but we will pick it up tomorrow.
Last year I purchased this sweet little tinsel tree.
It is kind of a Charlie Brown meets Vintage sweetie.
Not white, not quite silver but a little bit gold.
I wanted to have it lit, but the problem was... white lights were really too bright.
What to do??

 So this past weekend I went to a flea market down the road and they had a big bag of antique tinsel garland...  for $1.50... I had a plan.  I decided to wrap my white cord with the tinsel garland.
 It was a bit time consuming and very easy to get yourself in knots...
 But I am very happy with the results.
 You can hardly see any of the white cords and the tinsel adds a bit more gold, very vintage looking.
 So pretty and bright, it is hard to get a good photo.
 I have it next to the dress form for now... who knows when I get done with everything.
 I added some sparkly gold crosses and silver balls. 
I added a tiny little silver tree and lace with a white feather boa.
 It is a lot prettier in person.
 Of course, just dragging things up from the basement means I have glitter and mess all over the house.
 It's Christmas Season...  I expect nothing less.... right?
I am trying to go really vintage this year and most of my things won't even come upstairs.  I will donate or have a yard sale this Spring.  My taste has changed so much in the last few years.  I keep saying it will be a "low key" decorating job this year.  I am not putting up a big tree, but just little skinny trees and vignettes.  What about you?  Are you going all out... or scaling back this year??


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