Monday, September 14, 2015

Introducing Dessa... Our Baby Boston Terrier Puppy

 A month ago today life changed here at the lake...
In a good way... we have a new addition....
A sweet Boston girl named Dessa.
 She was the tiniest little four pounds of love.  Instantly head over heels.
We are dog people.... she is one of my kids.

This week she will be three months... so it was time for some new pictures!
 Dessa is now a little over 8 pounds.
 And quite the funny girl.  Boston's have big personalities.
 She loves to go outside and see the cats.  This is Bay.., he loves to be photographed.
 But as you can see... the garden cats are much bigger than her!
 She is a snuggler and sleeps with my youngest every night.
Already she has some attitude and is quite the diva.  Here she is showing you her new big girl collar.

She loves toys and they are all over the house.  She thinks the dog food belongs to her alone and barks when my other dog goes near it.  She takes two big naps a day like a baby... and puts herself to nap time in puppy bed in our downstairs half bath.  She just goes in there and takes a nap.  Too cute.

As I am typing this, she has came to me to be picked up three times.  Her big thing this week is going up our stairs and then being too scared to come back down... she cries for you to come get her.  She is almost to start jumping up into chairs... she tries... but not quite.  That is the only place my Miley can get away from her is on the couch!
She will be brindle like my four year old Boston mix Miley and I am guessing under 20 pounds.  It was hard to find Boston pups.  We had been looking for a few months.  I drove almost three hours to get her.  There were 8 in the litter and they all sold the first day.
 Here is my sweet Miley, she is the best little dog I have ever had.  She is four and we all just love her.  I had admired Bostons before, but Miley really sold me on the breed.  But she is only part Bossie, her momma was a Jack Russell.
And here are the Bossie sisters... although not the greatest picture.  You would not believe how hard it is to get them both to pose!  I only got this by holding a sausage link treaty!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing sweet Dessa Belle... I hope to get back to blogging soon and sharing some fall themed posts.  Girls varsity HS travel golf ends this week...  It has been a fun but super busy season.


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  1. Brooke,
    Your Miley and Dessa are adorable individually and together!!!
    Thank you for sharing your "girls" with us!!!
    Pets enrich our lives in amazingly wonderful ways!!!

  2. Look at that face! What a sweet pup. We miss having a dog around the house. Such a cute blog wishing you a great week!


  3. Oh she is just ADORBS!!!!

    What a sweet little bundle of love! SO CUTE!!!!

  4. Oh Brooke what a sweetie. How cute. My daughter has a Boston Terrier names Charlie and he is the best dog ever. They are so smart and full of energy. He is almost 10 years old and still acts like a puppy.
    Loved all the cute pictures. I scrolled through them a few times just made me smile today. So cute.

  5. As, what a sweetheart! And soooo tiny. We also got a new puppy at the very end of July...he weighs in at almost 50 pounds - yikes! (Hound/lab mix) But, a new pup, no matter the size, sure brings alot of love to a house! Jane

  6. What a sweet face! Welcome, Dessa.

  7. If I had a puppy, I would want a small one like this. So cute and a perfect model.

  8. Oh my goodness, Brooke. She is a darling. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye". Thank you for sharing.♥


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