Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bits of Vintage Bling For Fall...

 Welcome back dear readers and friends.
Today's post is about adding some Vintage Bling to your fall decor.
To me decorating is fun... never too serious.
So I find inspiration in just about everything I see.
One thing I love to decorate with is vintage style jewelry.
I loved all the soft lace on my heirloom gown... but I she needed some bling.
This reproduction necklace was a Ebay find for only $3.
It is a bit too much for me to wear... but it is perfect for my sweet lady!
Adding that bit of antique gold and sparkle.

I have added lots of golds and soft reds/pinks for fall in my office this year.
I also added more glass crystals, here on an antique lace doily.
Just a bit of color and sparkle.
The little stems on the right have twinkle lights on them.
They are so pretty in the evenings.
 I bits of lace and vintage patinas.
 Antique gold frames and vintage prints with a pink theme.
 My ivy topiary is taking off and will soon be covered.
Adding just a few crystals changes the whole look of this piece.
 These faux hydrangeas have been my favorites for years.  I am not a big orange person, but these have just enough pink and purple in them.
I have a whole bunch more to share with you!
I hope you will consider becoming a new follower too.

Do you love the necklace and want one too?

Brooke Berry Kroeger is the creator of the Creative Country Mom blog started in 2009. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs. She does freelance photography and DIY publication work.  If you would like her to contribute on a project, email her at
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  1. What a find that necklace was, and it's perfect on your elegant lady. Such a clever idea to add crystals to the doilies.

  2. Beautiful blog. I have jewelry hanging on my vanity in my bedroom. It is a vintage vanity. I find I wear it more if it isn't in a box somehwere I can't see it.

  3. Brooke,
    Love your vintage bling and lace, dear friend!!!
    I'll be keeping an eye on that ivy as it progresses in your photos!!!
    I have the most difficult time with ivy and would love to have a topiary!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Just gorgeous! I love how you added crystals to the doilies! What a clever idea and it adds so much. The dress and necklace are stunning!

  5. Ha, ha, didn't you have fun....why not!. Great idea, needing to mix up some whimsy and surprises.
    Grandbaby scans the dresser everytime she comes for something new. Why not for ourselves? Gave me a smile this morning, thanks, Sandi

  6. One of the things I love about reading you blog Brooke, is the sheer delight you have in decorating your home. You are right..... decorating should always be fun and never too serious!! Your fall decor is looking lovely.

  7. Your lady looks lovely with her bling. Fall is a favorite time to decorate! Thank for joining Home Sweet Home!

  8. I love the idea of adding crystals for a touch of bling. I have never thought of doing that to a doily. I have a container of bling in my craft room. Guess I need to play with them a little. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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