Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vintage Style Decor: New Cottage Kitchen Reveal!

Hello my dear friends!
I am so happy to announce...
The Kitchen Is Done!
Yeah!!!!  I am so happy to share it with you today!

Let's start out with a few before and afters....
 Here is the before (from last Fall)...
And AFTER....
 So much brighter, don't you think?
Let's take a look around....

 Okay where to start...
In previous posts I shared my sewing projects...
Adding burlap curtains, the topper and the lace inserts on the cabinet doors.
Since then I added the cute glass knobs to my cabinets.
I still need to find pulls for the drawers.
I love the touch of old fashioned bling!
 The paint color is robin's egg blue with a touch more of aqua.
I mixed it myself with leftover paint... 
Sorry... I do not have a color match for you.
It was a bit bright for me at first.
But once I got my dishes out and decorated I now love it.
I love the softer, brighter color scheme.
It goes so well with my vintage prints and goodies.
I am so happy I chose pink accents in the fabric and decor.
These are new to me... vintage calendars, I have all four seasons from the year 1900! 
On the counters is more cottage goodies... mostly bird themed.
 My blue scale looks great with a sweet birds nest under the clotch.
I have most of my vintage dishes out on display now.
This will be a summer look... but I cannot wait for fall and Christmas.
 I will be looking for new vintage ornaments in blues and pinks!
My vintage platters are now out for you to see.
I have a growing collection....
 This was a yardsale find..... PERFECTLY CUTE.
 Honestly, I had almost all of this... I just needed more plate stands.
Crazy what I have tucked away in this house!
 More birds and sweet eggs in the corners.
The big platter was a Goodwill find last week for $5!
I will use it!  I love Goodwill.
 I just painted two walls where the pumpkin was.
I left the sage green the same on the refrigerator wall.
 Bits of tin cookie cutters and measuring spoons.
A gift from a friend.... that matches perfectly.
I am starting a collection I think!
 So bright and pretty... so different for us.
 I loved the warm pumpkin for the nine years it was that way....
But how can you not enjoy these bright pops of colors?
My hubby still thinks it is too girly.
 Here is a better shot of my new platter.... isn't it wonderful?
I love trays and things like that.
 The reason the reveal took so long is I was short (again) on wallpaper.
 I just finished it up yesterday... and I love it.
 It totally changed the look from country to cottage to me.
I loved the plaid, but I do not miss it.
This will be so much fun to rearrange and fiddle with.
The one thing I am looking for is a new smaller dining set.
I like this one, but I do not like all the black.
And it is kind of in the way getting to the new screen room.
So I will keep this one for the girls one day...
And look for a small round vintage one.
And I will probably paint some of it this lovely cream.
I love the pop of the green hutch against the wallpaper.
The little brass light fixture really looks good now too.
It kind of got lost before, but now you notice it more.
 Of course, I added as much pink as I could find in vintage needlework.
 The wall hanging is a neat way to showcase vintage needlework...
It is just stapled on... it was that way when I bought it a few years ago.
It has twine rope as a frame, just glued on.
 I am keeping it light, bright and simple (for me) on this side.
I still find myself staring at it... it is a big difference.
I have been adding these colors (aqua, blue, pinks) all over the house actually.
I will always have my neutrals and browns... 
But these pops of color are so much fun...
 And like I keep saying... it is only paint!
And I love to paint just about anything.
So you come back next time and it might be totally different.
 But I had been wanting to go blue for a long time.
And I am really happy with how it all came together.
Sorry this was such a huge post!
I thought about doing 2-3 reveal shares....
Then decided to just do it all at once to make sure you say it all.

Okay, let me get you caught up a bit....
Hubby is now back to work after being off three weeks.
We did some land clean up of trees and such.
And we put in our own SAND BEACH!
It is nice to not have to walk in the muck in our lake.
My momma was in the hospital most of last week.
She is doing much better.

And of course... school starts in two weeks!
So we have been clothes shopping.
My girls will be in 8th and 10th grade this year.

And golf season is starting for my oldest.
So I will be a busy chauffeur till she gets her license in January!

Oh gosh... I am not ready for that!

Hey thanks for stopping by.... I hope you will come back again!

Brooke Berry Kroeger is the creator of the Creative Country Mom blog started in 2009. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs. She does freelance photography and DIY publication work.  If you would like her to contribute on a project, email her at creativecountrymom@gmail.com.

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  1. Absolutely stunning kitchen!!! Love all!

  2. Brooke, your kitchen is beautiful! The new paint color sure did brighten things up and just look at how your artwork shows up so much more. I love it!

    1. Thanks Stacey. I had my girls look at it before I got too far.... we loved it... my hubby not so much!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love every little detail you have so carefully put together. I have been thinking of painting my walls a blue color. It is currently a light mocha color and it just does not do my colorful home justice. You have inspired me!

    1. I had navy blue in my old kitchen... then went to sage, green and reds. I missed the blues... but this is much brighter than I have ever gone. I love it and so do my girls....

  4. Brooke,
    I loved your Kitchen before and wondered what I would think about the transformation but I really love how your Kitchen looks now too!! You have so many pretty things displayed around the Kitchen too!! I think a beautiful wood farmhouse table would look great....... Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Yes, and I cannot tell you how many I have seen in the past. But you go to looking for one and they are nowhere. I guess I am just being picky. I will dig one up soon I hope! xxx...

  5. Your kitchen is just gorgeous! I love it painted, it's fresher and light. Love, love, love...
    Every vignette is beautiful... your dishes and accessories are lovely too.

    1. Thanks Fabby! I am happy for the changes too. Should have done it sooner!

  6. Well, I loved your kitchen before but I REALLY love it now! So much lighter and brighter. Sometimes all it takes for a fresh look is a bit of paint and you can always fiddle around the accessories as it suits you. Good job!

    1. When I told people I was redoing the kitchen, they kind of talked me out of it. I had a plan and knew what I wanted it to be... but I think it turned out better than I hoped. I love it. And it was time!

  7. Brooke, I have enjoyed taking a peek inside your home and especially your kitchen transformation. I was pretty before, but really beautiful now. I love the changes! It is very warm, inviting and just lovely! Thank you for "asking me in"! Great job!

    1. You are very welcome Glenis, thanks for visiting!

  8. It definitely looks a lot brighter! Love it! Can't go wrong with a robin's egg blue / aqua... and it enables the pink to fit right in. Thanks so much for sharing it with my "let's Talk Vintage!" post this week! Much appreciated.

    1. You are so welcome my dear, love your weekly party!

  9. Brooke your new kitchen redo is so beautiful. The colors are perfect. I really love the lace in the cupboard. I'll bet you just love it. Jo

    1. I do Jo... best of all... I did all the sewing and had most of the accents already. I love the brighter look.

  10. Brooke,
    A lovely kitchen transformation, dear friend!!!
    I totally understand when you say. . .you just keep looking at it!!!
    When the red pear print wallpaper came down in the kitchen,
    and the white went up, the wall paper hanger told me,
    "You're going to wear this out before I can get it on the walls"!!!
    I adore your Cottage accents!!!
    Those platters are charming!!!
    Thank you for sharing your kitchen's new style, dear one!!!

    1. You are so sweet Pat... it was just killing me to be that close to finished and short on my wallpaper. Just as soon as hubby went back to work I got right to it! xxx...

  11. What a gorgeous kitchen! I especially love the signs. :)

  12. I just love your new kitchen!! The color is my new favorite and how pretty it looks in the kitchen. I am trying to find a place in my house to paint aqua! I wondered how your husband felt about the feminine accents and then you answered it! It is all so very pretty and flows so well that I don't think it is too feminine at all. I agree with the black table....can you just paint it??!!

    1. It is just too big. My oldest daughter loves it. It is actually part of a set that includes 8 barstools and a small island. My daughter will take it when she has her own place in a few years. It is a very neat table, I love the legs.... but it is too dark and chunky. I am wanting to take it out of the room, but it will look a bit weird with nothing there. I will find something soon, I hope! Yes, I love the aqua, did you see my new wallpaper in the entry?

  13. Your kitchen looks gorgeous! Love the new paint color. What a difference it made! And all your touches are perfect. Beautiful!

  14. It turned out gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Thanks for the tour, Brooke. Very nice job. Love the paint color! Stop by and see me, when you have time :)

  16. Just perfect!!! Love what you have done! It's very beautiful!

  17. Lovely transformation! I love the window valance, with the little keys hanging :) Thanks for linking up with us at Thursday Favorite Things!

  18. Brooke, I love the new color! It really did lighten and brighten the room up. The pumpkin and plaid were fun, but it's always nice to have a change. All of your accessories look wonderful! Great job! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  19. Gorgeous Brooke. And I love all your vintage touches especially the birds. Thank you for sharing your lovely kitchen with Share It One More Time. Cathy

  20. I love your kitchen and I am especially glad you did not paint your cabinets! Perhaps that is because they are like mine:) I am in the middle of a mini redo myself. I recently removed my microwave from its cabinet shelf and put in spice boxes and a plate rail in its place - I had to wait till the hubby was out of town so he would not see me tear apart a cupboard. The microwave is now on a cart - I am short so it works better for me. My new wood range hood just arrived and I will be staining it this week - spent the first part of spring refinishing the cabinets. I love bits of vintage style so will be studying your ideas!
    my kitchen - a work in profess - I am hoping for new counters and a backsplash next year:

  21. I just wanted to let you know that your kitchen was our most clicked link last week at Your Turn to Shine. I included it in my individual features today at anderson + grant. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  22. I love your kitchen ! Are the countertops laminate or maybe one of the solid surface materials ? You are very creative and I really enjoyed seeing your kitchen.


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