Monday, July 6, 2015

The Country Hutch Goes Cottage Cute

Welcome back my sweet friends...
Although the paint can has not been opened....
I am starting my cottage makeover in the kitchen.
So before the weekend holiday I did a mini-makeover on my kitchen hutch. 

 So today I am sharing two different looks.... country and cottage.
This little square pan was a recent find.
I love the type and it's patina.
 For the past couple years I have had bits of galvanized goodies on my hutch.
 I love decorating with old books and lace.
 This is one of my favorite old birdhouses, it has a metal roof.
 Country charm at it's best.
And I still love it... I do.
But after nine years I am ready for a change.
So here is my loot... ready to be repurposed....repainted...
I will add it to my overflow in the basement.

What do I have there now?
Ironstone of course!!
 This year has been the year of white dishes for me.
I simply cannot pass them up.
 I added some lovely pink embroidery too.... so cute!
 It is much simpler... but perfect for what is to come.
 On the top I added a lovely needlework canvas.
Remember I am changing the colors to light blue, pale green and cream soon.
My hubby is off for the next two weeks... so I am putting off tearing into the kitchen until he goes back to work!  It's just better that way... so for now I will just enjoy my little mini-makeover.

I shared this post this morning and thought... 
That little cabinet really needs to be lightened up too!
So here is a 2nd After for Ya!!

So fresh... the paint is still a little wet!

I have more pictures of the kitchen to share this week... will you please come back again?
I would love to have you as a new follower!

Brooke Berry Kroeger is the creator of the Creative Country Mom blog started in 2009. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs. She does freelance photography and DIY publication work.  If you would like her to contribute on a project, email her at
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  1. Looks so fresh and nice, Brooke - going to be fun watching your transformations.

    Enjoy having hubs home - always nice to have staycations together.

  2. I liked it before (alot), but I have to say I LOVE it now! I am looking forward to your new paint (after I mourn the loss of the plaid wallpaper, lol). I am starting a redo of my kitchen today as well. Going from dark burgandy to a much lighter and fresh green. I am excited for a lighter look, although I do love my dark colors. Like you, i am just ready for a change. Good call on waiting for hubby to go back to work before starting! Ha! Have a wonderful week Brooke. Jane

  3. Look nice I like a lake a lot no more dark color look fresh!!
    Good jab!!

  4. Love that beautiful green shelf! Everything says comfy, homey, cottage. Love it!

  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I know your game plan. Back in the 70's I would wall paper during the week when my husband was on the road. He would come home to a finished project. He is off Sundays and Mondays now which is why I am blog reading. My week starts tomorrow :)

  6. Brooke,
    Oh, dear friend, I L O V E your switch from "Country Charm" to "Cottage Chic"!!!
    I am swooning over the freshness of the painted cabinet!!!
    You know how much I have adored your plaid country wallpaper,
    but I'm thrilled for the new changes that are taking place in your home, dear one!!!
    Here on the Prairie, 2015 has been a year of renewal for "Mr. Ed" & I, also!!!
    Of course, I'll be back!!!

  7. I've been doing that same thing all over our house for the last couple of years. Changing from dark country to light cottage. I love the look and also your changes!

  8. So nice and inviting! I love the cottagey look...Christine

  9. Great tour, and I am loving that tray you found!


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