Friday, July 31, 2015

Soft, Romantic Vintage-Style Corner Display

 Well my summer of change continues....
I am now on to the Living Room... I may need help.
When I get on a roll.... it is a bit crazy I confess.
 So today's post is actually in the corner of my office.  The sweet antique wash stand was being used as a side table in the Living Room.  I switched it out and now it is in a new vintage style display.
 Is there any more classic than milk glass and antiques furniture?
I love my little wash stand and its lovely patina.
It was my Momma's for years and I snatched on to it.

The stand was in my bedroom for years, then last fall I moved it to the Family Room.  It never quite looked right in there, but it was the right size.  So now I have removed a chair and have a new table too.  So it fits better in the office now.  I love how bright and pretty everything looks in this corner now.
 I have been on a roll with collections lately and trying to display things together more.  I moved all the transfer ware to the kitchen and now am starting to get my antique crystal things out again.
I had so many of my things in the china cabinet.  I am glad it is now on to a new home, but miss the storage and displays.  Although this area was the dining room and now is the office, I miss having my good things displayed in the open.
 Little white touches like antique pearls and more glassware as a plant container.
 I little pillowcase I made to fit the towel bar.
 Nothing expensive... just yard sale finds... but so lovely together.
 The creamware platter was a goodwill find this week for $2.
And the little wreath is a favorite, so small and delicate.  I love things like that, so many uses in your decor... it is about 10 inches round.
 I am reminded of my grandmother with these things. she had so many milk glass pieces.
On the walls I have a pink rose theme going with some vintage art.
I am slowly going thru the house and tinkering.
I know we will be having a large party in October for my oldest's Sweet 16--- 
then the holidays will be here soon after!
I am doing the 'pitch-sell-donate' dance in the basement and closets.
I have been in the organizing mood and ready to get rid of some things (so I can buy more!)

School starts here in a few days (Aug 4th) I cannot believe how fast the summer has went.
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Brooke Berry Kroeger is the creator of the Creative Country Mom blog started in 2009. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs. She does freelance photography and DIY publication work.  If you would like her to contribute on a project, email her at
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  1. Brooke,
    I adore the charming Victorian style you have going into your office, dear friend!!!
    The vintage lace adds such a allure of an Era Gone By!!!
    Ironstone, milkglass, pearls. . .they all have me swooning!!!
    Thank you for inviting me into your office of such a warm Summer's day.
    I feel totally refreshed!!!

  2. So beautiful! I love your style. Great choices, wonderful display.

  3. so pretty!! Have a great weekend!

  4. What a lovely corner display! I agree with you Brooke...there is nothing more classic than milk glass. I have an extensive collection. Stop by when you have time and check it out. Enjoy working on your new displays. Such a fun thing to do!
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  5. You are blessed with a lovely home. You have great taste in decorating with vintage things.

  6. I love all of your new changes! I can't believe your kids go back to school so early. We have another month of summer here!

  7. I know your post is about the furniture (I love wood furniture) but is your prints and artwork that have me fascinated. Such unique finds! Always a joy to visit here, Sandi

  8. Beautiful wash stand.
    Happy pinks!

  9. What an amazing Victorian style corner you gave life to, I just love it !
    Thank you for sharing such beauty, my darling friend.

    With dear love I wish you a most beautiful weekend

  10. Lovely! I enjoyed looking closely at these things. Love how you made the pillowcase fit on the towel bar. I have an old dress form & a dress I got at GW that I need to spruce up. Recently found your blog and enjoying it.

  11. Brooke your corner is so beautiful! The lovely rose and lace pictures and the landscape is amazing. Well it's all perfect. Have a great weekend. Jo

  12. Oh how pretty. From the lovely water pitcher set to the delightful roses on your home decor. Thank you for a sweet Pink Saturday visit.


  13. Brooke you have such a sweet and lovely touch with everything you do. My Five Star Frugal linkup won't be the same if I don't entice you over there again. I had to have a break due to family commitments with granddaughters, which I know you'll forgive. But I'd love to welcome you back. I just know I have followers-in-waiting for you! Mimi xxx

  14. Thanks for sharing with us at Five Star Frugal Brooke. Visiting your blog is like visiting my long lost sister. We have such similar taste! Love, Mimi xxx

  15. Very pretty! I love how the ivory/white looks with the natural wood. You have inspired me to get my oak washstand out of the guest bedroom and bring it out to display!!

  16. Love the look! It's vey pretty and what a pretty place to have a desk.


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