Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sewing Burlap and Lace Curtains

 Hi there, welcome back!
I spent a good part of yesterday fiddling in the kitchen.
And after about three months... 
finally fixed my burlap curtains!
 I have a small kitchen window over the sink and a patio door in the kitchen.  I wanted to use my inspiration fabric... a sweet rose print for the new re-do coming soon.

 I hung some vintage looking keys on clips for fun!
 I like to use flat panels on spring rods so you can really see my fabrics.
 Burlap + Lace = Fun!
 Remember my Ebay panels that were two different sizes 
and about 6 inches too short!  They look so much better now.
 I had this lace panel and I cut the top and the bottom off of it for the scalloped edges.
 I had to hem them while hanging... the burlap was that crooked.... but it turned out fine.
 99% of the time they will be open, but I like the option of some privacy.
 Sweet and simple.
I hope to start the wallpaper and paint next week!
The new colors are much softer and lighter.
The pumpkin will be replaced by a very light blue.
I can't wait to share it with you guys!


PS--- I will share my holiday decor tomorrow.. come back then!

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  1. Brooke,
    I L O V E those burlap and lace panels at your patio door, dear friend!!!
    Your Country Kitchen is lovely, but I understand the need for change!!!
    Since viewing your entry wallpaper, I'm anxious to see what's in store for the kitchen!!!

  2. I love your home and the warmth you bring to it. You have so many surprises in your design. The little key is a pretty touch.

  3. I adore your home! I am enamored with the burlap and lace! (I'm a big fan of the pumpkin walls, but I know you will make it darling ;) )

  4. Brooke, I love the burlap and lace. So soft and sweet. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. you've given me the gift of inspiration. going to attack my windows with full gusto now!

  6. Brooke, I love burlap and combined with the sweet print and lace you hit it out of the ball park! The keys clipped on the valance is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. I love your burlap and lace curtains, Brooke! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  8. WOW. Your burlap-inspired valance has already made it to pinterest, and I am thrilled to have come upon it. It is unique, fun, and creative; just what I've been looking for - without knowing exactly what I was seeking. I can't wait to emulate your idea in my bedroom, and possible my sunroom. Thank you a million times for sharing. Blessings.

  9. The KEYS, the KEYS....yes, I L I K E, I L I K E...very much and did I mention I am not yet "over' Burlap either..loving it.

  10. These are super cute!! Nice job! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  11. stumbled upon your site while surfing Pinterest and I am in love !!!!! Beautiful ... inspiring... so happy I found you


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