Monday, July 13, 2015

My Vintage Style Front Entry and Home Office

Hello again my dear readers!
Hope this week is going good for all of you.
Before I share my newly painted kitchen...
(yes... I am super excited to show you the new look)
I thought we would take a look at the rooms right next to it.
I am still loving my new wallpaper in the entry.  Of course now it looks even better with the kitchen painted an aqua/blue similar to the paper colors.  I knew as soon as I saw this pattern it would be a perfect match with my antique light.
Let's take a look into my dining room... I now use as an office.
We really never used a formal dining room.  We have an eat in kitchen and I loved having this area more open.  If I need a table, I have a long conference one I can sit up for parties in here.

 I removed my church bench in this corner, it is going to my mom's house for a bit.  I love the buggy seat and it's teal green paint.
 I have been adding more aqua blue... the antique flower bins are super cute.
More teal and aqua touches in this corner as well.
 I am still in love with my wedding dress!
It was a favorite of our 4th of July visitors.
 Pretty simple on the sideboard right now.  
Will so something special for fall.  
It will be here before we know it!
More touches of pink... I am trying to incorporate more color for summer.
 Our house makes a big figure 8, this looks into my living room.
 I moved my desk into the corner again... and I can see I need to hide my wires again!
 More teal blue in the antique shelf.... I am really loving that color right now.
Even in my clothes and jewelry... I love it that it can be summer and fall.
 I have been moving things around like crazy... aka making a huge mess.
 I will probably use most of this in the kitchen display in a week or so.
I am loving the cottage/white dishes in there!
 Close up of the wash machine top....
 Some of the kitchen birdhouses found a home in here.
 So do you remember me telling you that when I did the paper in this area I was just a tiny bit too short???
Well it happened again in the kitchen!
Either I cannot measure worth a darn or wallpaper rolls are smaller than they use to be.... or both!  So  I have one wall with the new paper... and the other still with the plaid.  So maybe in a few days it will be shipped and I can show off the new look in the kitchen.
So here is my peek at the new color... doesn't it match the entry perfectly?
It dries a bit darker.... I mixed it myself!
It is one fourth the color in the office, one fouth white, a bit of the blue from my window boxes outside and a bit splash of a bright royal blue craft paint!  I love to "custom mix" colors.... and best of all... it didn't cost a dime!

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  1. Brooke,
    Wallpaper rolls h a v e changed, dear friend!!!
    We wallpapered our Galley Style Kitchen
    and the professional paper hanger told me
    there was a h u g e difference!!!
    Its n o t just you, dear one!!! Honest!!!
    I l o v e the new look in your entry hall!!!
    It blends well with your tile and the wood flooring, as well!!!
    Your vignettes and accessories are gorgeous!!!
    I, too, mix custom colors, but only for "small" projects!!!
    You're one clever and brave lady!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Such pretty vignettes! I love checking out the details. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Say it isn't so. I love your plaid paper.

  4. Brooke love seeing your pretty country/vintage rooms. Love the wallpaper in the hall that is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen. Have a great friend.

  5. A bit too much to look at in one visit.

  6. Brooke your home is incredible. You really have a knack with vintage decor. Can't wait to see your kitchen reveal. The paint is lovely! Jo


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