Sunday, July 5, 2015

Country Gardens: Daylily Days of Summer

The holiday weekend is over....
And our visitors at the lake are gone home.
We have spent most of the day in the big lake.
Eating leftovers and floating in the water.
A day of rest.
We had 13 kids here till 11 pm last night.
They all had fun... but I was beat!

 So this evening lets enjoy some of the wonderful daylilys blooming...

Every year my plants get bigger and brighter.
 I just LOVE color in the garden.
 These by the rose garden were so pretty from above when you are in the screen porch.
 Many of mine are in the coral and pink hues.
 So bright and beautiful.
 I use to know all the names... then I got so many I gave up!
 They look so pretty from the lake and the road.
 This summer has been beautiful here in Indiana.
 We have had so much rain... good for the garden.
 I hope you all had a safe and fun weekend too.
Thanks so much for visiting!

Want to know the names of the daylilies I grow?

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  1. I a huge daylily fan myself! Yours are gorgeous! They just say "summer" to me!

  2. I a huge daylily fan myself! Yours are gorgeous! They just say "summer" to me!

  3. Gorgeous garden and wonderful colour!

  4. What a gorgeous garden and beautiful lilies!

  5. I love daylilies and yours are lovely. I have quite a few but not as many as you, wonderful garden.


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