Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Inside The New Screen Room--- The Big Reveal!

Okay, I have made you wait long enough!
Let's see the finished SCREEN ROOM!!!  

This is my big project for the year... 
our unused deck into a lovely outdoor room.
Yes, my husband and handyman built this room.
His dad was a contractor and got him started on the room.
My husband will tell you...
"I know enough about building to know 
I don't want to do it for a living!"
We are in love with the screen doors and the 
old fashioned creeks they make when they close.
The right one is hooked and stays closed all the time, 
but can be opened to bring furniture in or out.
So lets come on in!
The first thing you notice is the red settee...
It is new from Big Lots... 400 for the seating 
and another 50 for the coffee table.
It is the plastic rattan stuff, and very comfy.
I chose it because you can still sit on it without the cushions comfortably 
and I know I can still get replacement cushions for this style of furniture.
I also wanted brown tones in this room instead of black.
The red is so pretty... I am loving the vivid colors.
This makes it really easy to decorate for the 4th coming up!
This was my older dining set... I updated it with a new paint color.
It is a mocha brown with a touch of metallic bronze. 
In the corners I have my sedums in large pots.
They seem to love the little bit of protection and shade.
My bakers rack was painted as well...
We have a little tv that we have been enjoying in the evenings.
Watching the late night news with the bugs chirping and the breeze is so much fun.
When we are not using the tv... the plants fill the spaces.
I found new fun red plates and accessories.
The girls love to eat outside since the bugs cannot get us.
These were from Wal-Mart and so cute!
I will add more blue for the holiday.
They are welcoming and comfy!
The little ottoman has some storage too for blankets or pillows and such.
The two flower pillows are outdoor fabric and also from Wal-Mart.
I love the little script and garden theme.
The stripe one was a yard sale find.
It is not waterproof and needs to be put up when it rains.
I sprayed it with sun-proofing... but it will only last this year.
But it is cute, and I will be ready for something else soon anyway.

The two best things we added were the wonderful ceiling fan!
It matches my wicker look and keeps the breezes going.
And adding the little lights!
I love having them on at night....
Best thing is they are on a little switch like the fan!
Okay, as much as I love the red... I am very aware it can fade.
So my big sewing project was the drop cloth curtains.
This wall is where my evening sun comes in...
so we can close them up for more shade.
All tucked in and cool....

It makes it so cozy and 100% private from the road.

We are so excited to share this new area with you.

I hope I can inspire you to create something in your home
to make it more usable for your families too.

Okay... I always try to be forth-going on my site...
so here are the run down on the numbers.

Metal and wood materials... 1200
Screws, nails, carpet glue, stain, misc.... 250
Doors and Hardware....80
Furniture, pillows, accessories.... 500
Lights... 25
Ceiling Fan....100
Curtains and Metal Rod.... 100

So right at $3000 to do it ourselves.
I would have been well over 5K to have it built.

One more thing I want to mention is my hubby added two 5 foot clear panels in our metal roof as sky lights.  They are made exactly like the metal panels, but clear.  We were afraid the kitchen would be too dark with the large covering.  This adds some natural light to the house.  They have worked out wonderfully.  Just an idea for your projects.

If you want more info on the construction.... see my "Building A New Screen Porch" post.

Thanks so much for stopping by....Brooke

Brooke Berry Kroeger is the creator of the Creative Country Mom blog started in 2009. There she shares her photography and country lifestyle. She enjoys incorporating vintage finds and repurposed treasures in her Southern Indiana farmhouse and garden. She loves to talk about gardening and decorating and often lectures at local gardening education events and area organizations and clubs. She does freelance photography and DIY publication work.  If you would like her to contribute on a project, email her at creativecountrymom@gmail.com.
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  1. Your screened room turned out great! Love that curtain to keep out the sun. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Cindy, thanks for visiting!

  2. A super gorgeous room! Love every detail! xxx Maria

    1. Thanks, wish you could see it in person! xxx...

  3. It's beautiful, Brooke and I know your family will love it for years to come! Fun to have another spot to decorate as well. Great price, too!

    1. Thanks so much Jane, we already to. Had Fathers Day out there, it was perfect.

  4. Oh Brooke...how wonderful! And what a gorgeous view! I know you are so excited...enjoy you new space!

    1. Thanks Debby, with taking down the spindles and only one rail, it really makes the view wonderful. Even from the house, it looks so nice. We should have done this years ago.

  5. Brooke--this is a room you could live it! It's absolutely beautiful. You've done a wonderful job, and I completely agree--with some blue, it's going to look wonderful for Independence Day. Can you see a fireworks display from there?

  6. what a wonderful room! I have always wanted to screen in the patio here. Hmmm, you think I could convince hubby? I don't think so!

  7. Wonderful transformation Brooke! It turned out just beautiful. That is the kind of space you will use often for many years to come!!

  8. I love it! We live on the Lake (Erie), and right now, are "enjoying" a visit from the mayflies. . .ugh! I showed this to Carl, because I so much want to screen in our deck. We'd get more use out of it throughout the year, as well! You and your husband did an awesome job!

  9. Super screen room! Something for my Hubby and I to think about.... we love sitting out on our deck at night with the lights on but I dislike the mosquitoes! Nice job, it looks so inviting.

  10. What a lovely addition to your home, Brooke! I'm having a little bout of jealousy right now! I would love to be able to sit on my deck at night protected from the mosquitos and other bugs. Perhaps someday. Anyway, I don't dwell in envy, so I hope you and your family just enjoy the heck out of this wonderful new screen room. And kudos to hubby for all the hard work. He did a superb job!

  11. It's beautiful to say the least! Love every bit of it! I want and need one too! "Great Job!"

  12. Oh, WOW! It's beautiful! Terrific job!

  13. I just love this project so much and I appreciate that you shared the cost. You and your husband must be so proud!! Your yard is gorgeous as well. So peaceful. We would love to do something like this on our back deck so I have pinned it. Enjoy the summer in your new space!

  14. I love it!! The screen porch looks like such an open and airy yet inviting place to hang out! I think the red accents are perfect in it too. May I say, your views are incredible??!! I love country living! Enjoy it all.

  15. What a fantastic new addition for you! We moved a few months ago and I am really missing the screen porch in our old house - it was such a great place to spend time outdoors during the summer and for entertaining. PS - you are going to love that ceiling fan on those hot summer days.

  16. Love love love love love! And so impressed that you did it yourselves! It is amazing!

  17. Brooke,
    Your screened in porch turned out marvelous, dear friend!!!
    I adore the PoPs of bright hues within. . .and those gorgeous views out~of~doors!!!

  18. Great addition! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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