Thursday, June 25, 2015

Country Gardens: Backyard Blooms at the Picket Fence

 Welcome back my sweet friends...
 Today I am sharing all the vibrant color in our backyard here at the lake.
 Finally all the construction is done, the scaffolding is down and we can enjoy all the blooms!

 I was a little heartbroken to cut back the roses this week.
We have had over 10 inches of rain in 4 days.
Flooding here locally and in the garden with
some wind damage and lots of flopping.
After inspecting the broken branches and blooms on the ground.
I decided it was best to start over and cut most of the roses back to 2 ft.
Jap Beetles have been fierce, so I am treating them for bugs as well.
In no time they will be full of new growth and healthy blooms.
But until then... it looks a bit empty to me.
 But luckily there is much to see without the roses.
 I am in love with my Incrediball Hydrangeas.
There are two in this area, they are WONDERFUL!
My little containers were flooded in the rains... they will come back soon.
 Good things is.... I am not dragging the hose this week!
But I have been clipping and weeding... like crazy.
Amazing how rain makes the weeds grow!
 When I take pictures of this area it looks like a junk
Somehow in person it makes more sense.
I guess it pops out more since the roses are small.
When they are blooming you cannot see thru the beds.
 These two raised beds filled up like bathtubs in the storms.
Luckily my husband added another drain this spring 
or we would have had water under the basement doors.
 I am still in love with the bed frames in the roses.
I have wanted them for years here.
Sooooo cute.
 It has just been so hot this week.
I worked for two hours this morning and was soaked.
Very humid and just miserable.
They are saying it will cool down this weekend.
 I feel like I have been 'gone' from the garden for two weeks working on the screen porch.
 But we will have several friends here at the lake for the 4th and want them to look good.
 My big project has been cutting back and digging out daylilies so you can actually see them.
This sounds easy, but the beds have grown so much, I lose plants.
 Good thing is... the lake is wonderful this week.
You get too hot, go for a swim.
 A climbing Elizabeth still with blooms.
The trellis saved it from damage.
I need to make sure all my roses have support.
 Oh my how I love daylily season... wish they looked like this all summer.
 Everything has just took off with the rains...
 But I love the tucked in privacy the area under the deck has now.
The girls have a hammock under there and its a little hidden spot in the shade.
Thanks so much for stopping by... 
Please see my recent posts for the inside of our screen porch 
and the new wallpaper in the entry I did this week.


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  1. How gorgeous !
    I see a hot pink picket fence bench in the background - so beautiful !!!

  2. Your daylillies are so pretty! I know what you mean by the weeds growing in all this rain. We are still working on our screened porch so I haven't been weeding like I should. I hope it does get a little cooler for that chore:)

  3. just found your lovely blog on pinterest, soooo nice! i live in the southwest of ireland right at the atlantic ocean, looks somehow a bit similar though.


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