Sunday, April 26, 2015

Country Living Fair 2015 - Meeting the DIY Stars (Post #1)

Okay I have only been back a matter of hours 
and I am so excited to start sharing my photos from the 
2015 Nashville Country Living Fair!
The speakers and special events are just one of the fun reasons to go to a big show.
So for the entire hour I waited in line to get in... 
I was stocking watching Cari Clucksey and her crew working on their booth.  
Of course I wanted to meet her!
And she was just as nice and lovely as she appears on her show, Cash and Cari.
She brought along lots of vintage DIY ideas and her air-stream trailer.
I have watched every episode of her show and I had so many questions....
 Like.... did you sleep in your camper during the show?
How did your vintage wedding dress turn out and can we see pictures?
Or how much of the estate sales do you keep for your store?
 What did I say to her?
I have no idea.
I know I did give her a card for my site.
And I told her I loved her vintage style.
I admit it, I was a bit star struck.
But she did not act like a TV host.
She was a flea market junkie just like the rest of us.
I am so glad I got to meet her and hope to keep in touch thru social medias.
 The other speaker the day I attended was Mike Wolf
from American Pickers Show and Antique Archaeology.
He spoke about his passions, family, TV show and local Nashville store.
I did not get to speak with him... he was VERY popular (of course).
 But I did enjoy his stores booth and unique ideas.
I talked to others as we waited and they enjoyed his store in Nashville and said it was like a museum.  Many things you have never seen before, but to bring your checkbook.
His booth was the same, but I enjoyed it and his presentation.
He is just as charming in person.
This is my partner at the Country Living Fair... 
My 15 yr old daughter Maddie.
She has her own style and loves vintage almost as much as I do.
She and I went full speed thru the fair in four hours!
I swear I could have spent 4 days!
 But it was just one stop in a family vacation during tennis season.
But for every minute we were there we were in awe!
It was so much better than even we expected...
And I have been at this a bit and kind of knew what would be there.
But it was HUGE and HANDS DOWN the best I have ever been to.

Best thing is... I took tons of PHOTOS...
and I will dedicate all this week to share them with YOU!

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See you again soon.....Brooke

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