Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beautiful Sunset Over The Water....

Welcome back and Good Morning...
Today I am sharing a lovely Spring sunset here at the lake.

Almost every day this month it has rained.
So much water... I wish I could send some to those of you whom need it.
We have had more than our share.
So garden time has been patchy... and soggy.
But the days have been warm and things are quickly filling in.
 So warm sunny days are treasured... especially sunsets on the porch swing!
 I love that way the light travels over the front of the house this time of year.
It just makes everything glow.  Heaven must look like this.
We have been busy with tennis season, but with the days getting longer I can usually spend a bit of time walking around the garden before it gets too dark.
 Or talking with the girls on the front porch a bit.
This spring season it has been divide and conquer with me and my husband...
One in MS tennis and one in HS.
34 matches in 6 weeks.  Yes, that is a bunch!
Lots of you go there, and I'll go here.
But it is so much fun to see them compete.
So when we are all home, we have to catch up on the others evening.
But I am enjoying every minute of them... and am soaking it all up.
I know before long this will be a sweet memory and to cherish these times as a family.
 Thanks so much for your visits and nice comments.
They all mean so much to me!
I am still feeling a bit behind, but catching up when I can.

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  1. Dearest Brooke,
    What a lovely, almost dreamy place you got!
    Yes, we too have a soggy lawn with patchy gardening time and weeds growing way too fast and huge. That's the price one pays for having rain for more than a week.
    But still, this is the loveliest time of the year and that light is quite striking. Thanks for sharing with us and enjoy a happy weekend with family.

  2. This is soo beautiful Brooke! I grew up on a farm and love the country soo much! Your front porch is gorgeous... looks like the perfect place to sip lemonade at the end of a day! Thanks for sharing at Your Turn To Shine... hope to see you back again on Thurs!
    Kendra @


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