Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter Blooms on my Hibiscus and Miley....

Isn't this the prettiest bloom?
Well.. I think so... considering it is late winter in Indiana!

This is last summer's pink hibiscus blooming as a houseplant.
 It is in my big Southern facing window....
Thank goodness we are finally getting a bit of sun!
Miley is loving it too...
It is starting to feel like Spring in Indiana... it has been in the low 60s a few days and the snow is finally all gone.

But as you can see... it is far from green!
More like the shade of MUD!!

Thanks for visiting....Brooke

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  1. How fun to have those pretty blooms in March! I am a bit more north - Wisconsin - but we've been enjoying a few days in the 50's - heaven! I am so ready for warm temps. Jane

  2. These are lovely and beautiful to look at. Miley is pretty cute too

  3. Brooke I am in Connecticut and we still have snow, snow and more snow. More is expected this Saturday. I am wondering if I will ever see my garden again. I cannot wait to plant and mow and everything else that goes with Spring.

  4. One of my favorite flowers, but not much luck growing them.. Yours has done very well by the window.

  5. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous flower. I'm over from the Over 40 Bloggers. I think everyone is so ready for some green grass and sunshine!


  6. Your hibiscus is doing great! I love the color too. I had a HUGE one that spent summers outside and then winters inside. When I would bring it in, in the Fall, it would lose ALL it's leaves!!! But, then it would bloom all winter. I would have 8-10 blooms at a time! But it got too big so I got rid of it. However we cut a piece off, rooted it and have a new plant:) Miley is a cutie!

  7. PS, meant to ask: where did you get that plant holder???? I LOVE it!


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