Friday, March 20, 2015


I had so share some sweet with you today!
Aren't they cute?  It looks like they love each other, but this
relationship is very one sided.  Gypsy the cat loves Miley.
Miley the dog is VERY jealous of the cat.

She does not like to share Mommy.
She blocks Gypsy and tries to be between me and the cat at all times.
But when Miley lays down anywhere, the cat wants to snuggle right in to her.
Thanks for all the sweet notes and stay warm this weekend!

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"Take my life and let me be, a living prayer, my God to thee."


  1. That's so cute. I doubt I will ever get Bentley to be that close to a cat. He hates them. Recently a stray has been sleeping in a chair on our back porch. I hate to chase her away because I am sure she feels safe and protected there. Maybe one day Bentley will change his mind.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Dearest Brooke,
    My eldest cat plays that game; claiming his Mami for him alone and not letting anyone else come near! There is nothing we can do about it I guess; how hard it is at times witnessing this. But your Gipsy handles it well!
    Hugs for a happy weekend.

  3. Brooke,
    You have the sweets fur babies. Adorable.

  4. That's one conflicted dog. He obviously loves that cat. Are you sure he's not trying to keep you away from the cat?!

  5. Brooke,
    Ah~h~h. . .Gypsy is such a sweet, forgiving spirit!!!
    Miley is your protector, isn't he???
    I suppose if the lamb can lie down with the lion. .. that these two will work it out, too!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet 'fur'babies with those of us whom have lost ours, dear friend!!!

  6. That is so cute! Animals all have their own personalities, don't they:)

  7. Ooooh, these two are so cute together, I cannot keep my eye of them.

  8. Great photos. My cats and dogs barely tolerate each other. Toby the tabby cat has made interspecies friendships unlikely by attacking each dog when it was introduced.

  9. They look so sweet cuddled there together!


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