Monday, February 9, 2015

Tuesday Garden Party - Feb 10, 2015

 Spring... in my area of Indiana is about six weeks away....
 The end of March or beginning of April my butterfly hill should look like this again.

 I have been looking around in the garden and the daffodil bulbs on the south side are up about an inch.
 These are giant bulbs called King Alfred and they are wonderful.
 They are larger than most daffodils and multiply very quickly.
 This was one little bag about four years ago and look how they have spread.
The good news is... I have even more this year!
Can't wait to show them to you in a few weeks!!!

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From your host this week, Shelly of Frugal Family Home,

I took advantage of the great weather we had a few weeks ago and cleaned up the garden beds. They weren't too bad at all. I had left a few carrots and green onions and leeks in the garden to winter over. I harvested them a couple of weeks ago.

We ended up with about 5 pounds of baby carrots. Yes, 5 pounds, I would have never guessed there was that many still growing, but I just kept finding more and more. I guess I will find out if I missed any soon.

I was really surprised that the leeks made it through the two freezes we had. Our winter has been fairly mild this year, but the leeks froze a couple of times. But they looked great when I harvested them. The green onions didn’t fair so well and broke apart when I tried to harvest them. Into the compost they went.

I noticed, one lone head of lettuce that survived the winter and my chives are already sprouting up. We also have a few daffodils in our flower beds. Not much has come to life yet in the garden, but there is a little progress.

We had some great links shared at last week's Tuesday Garden Party.

Here's a few links I picked to feature this week.

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  1. Hi Brooke, I've found a kindred spirit. I love both vintage and gardening. Like your cute house plant containers. I need to start looking for some old fashioned containers. I'm in northern Illinois so we are a long way from spring. This time of year I get desperate for anything green and growing. Next month I will start some seeds. I haven't tried using lights but this year I might.


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