Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Late Winter Garden Care in the Midwest and TGP 2/17/15

This week's Tuesday Garden Party host is Brooke of Creative Country Mom's Garden...

As I write to you today, we are covered in a blanket of snow... about 4 inches and it is still falling.  But I am in full on "Spring Gardening" mode....  I can feel it, just around the corner.... the garden will be waking up and telling me it is time to get back to work.  

Honestly, I let it sleep in as long as I can...  In years past I have rushed the garden chores and regretted it later in the spring.  Why?  Well if you start cleaning up dried foliage too early then you risk damaging the plants.  Tender perennials need that extra layer of protection to stay warm as long as possible.  Plus the earth is still really moist and you might run the risk of pulling up the plants or damaging the root system.  If you get in there walking around you run the risk of stepping on bulbs and other lovely things that might be ready to come up soon.

Some of the plants I will warn you to leave be are hearty mums and spring blooming perennials.  I have killed many a mum by breaking off the old stems in early spring.  Same goes with the early bloomers like hellebores and sweet Williams.  They will each need to have new leaves before you remove any old stems on the plants.  I say this from experience....

So what should you be doing as the snow starts to melt?  Look for any up heaving in the garden.  Roses can be especially prone to this.  We have had wind for the last few days, then freeze and thaws.... that means some of your plants could have lifted out of the ground a bit and need covered with more dirt or mulch.  I would not try to replant them, but build the soil up around them for the rest of the cold weeks ahead.  I think that my garden is especially susceptible to this with no wind break from our open spaces.  So in a few days I will do a garden walk and look for any changes around my beds.

Once my Spring bulbs are fully up... and almost ready to bloom, then I will do a full clean up.  I will consider where I need to add mulch, transfer ground cover and place my garden accents for the year.  To every thing there is a season.... so this is the season of planning.  For me that means ordering seeds and drooling over garden catalogs.  Watching the tree buds swell and looking for any sign of green.  As you can see in my collage, my south side daffodils are up nicely.  The countdown has begun!

They say that spring moves North seven miles a day... I have been watching my southern friends gardens spring back into life... and am somewhat patiently waiting for my turn in Southern Indiana, Zone 6.

Until then, I will be enjoying your lovely garden shares...
Happy Gardening...Brooke

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  1. Your start of early spring blooms is hopeful as we are covered under a blanket of white here on Long Island and will start to warm up in about a month. It is always a pleasure visiting your gardens. Thank you for hosting this wonderful meme!

  2. Great tips Brook! Still covered in snow up here too. Sigh. Waiting patiently.
    Thanks for hosting. xo

  3. We just had our first snow of the year down here in NC. I enjoyed our garden in the home we rented. We had roses that bloomed all the way into December. However, the landlord had a lawn maintenance crew that DESTROYED more than they maintained! Beautiful lambs ears and monkey grass and bulbs just uncovered and left to the elements. Ugh! I'm a bit of a brown thumb gardener but I know some things should be left alone. Oh well...I'm moving next month and the yard work is our responsibility this time. Wish me luck!

  4. Can't wait until I can share garden posts! Gardening is therapy for me and I love to be in the garden!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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